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Solo Swims By Year

This solo Channel swims database has been compiled by Julian Critchlow and published on his website. If you can provide any additional information or if you notice any errors or omissions, please contact us or Julian by email published on his website.

Date Swimmer Time Direction No of Ways,Leg Organisation
6th JulyHájková, Nikola16:03:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails
28th JuneIsbill, Julie13:24:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails
28th JuneStrachan, Anna15:26:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails
28th JuneMorlan, Graco12:26:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails
22nd JuneMcCardel, Chloë09:48:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails
13th JuneMcCardel, Chloë10:21:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails
10th JuneMcCardel, Chloë10:45:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails
16th MayJames [Keech], Howard13:13:00E-F1-way, 1stCSADetails