Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation "Nothing great is easy", Captain Matthew Webb

Facts about the Channel 

Shakespeare Beach to Cap Gris Nez18.1 nautical miles
20.8 land (statute) miles 
33.5 kilometres
SoloCaptain Matthew Webb24th August 187521 hours 45 mins
2-Way Antonio Abertondo196143 hours 10 mins
3-WayJohn Ericsson198138 hours 27 mins
Solo Swimmers1429
Solo Crossings1810
2-Way solos39
3-Way solos3
Fastest 1-Way SoloTrent Grimsey [08/09/2012]6 hours 55 mins
Fastest 2-Way SoloPhilip Rush [1987]16 hours 10 mins
Fastest 3-Way SoloPhilip Rush [1987]28 hours 21 mins
Fastest 1-Way RelayUS National Swim Team [1990]6 hours 52 mins
Fastest 2-Way RelayUS National Swim Team [1990]14 hours 18 mins
Fastest 3-Way RelaySport City Mexico [2007]30 hours 7 mins
Fastest 4-Way RelaySport City Mexico [2007]42 hours 11 mins
Slowest 1-Way SoloJackie Cobell [2010]28 hours 44 mins
Slowest 2-Way SoloAntonio Abertondo [1961]43 hours 10 mins
Youngest Channel SwimmerThomas Gregory [1988]11 years 11 months
Oldest Channel SwimmerCyril Baldock [2014]70 years 9 months
1926Rodriguez de LaraSpain
1954Edward J MayUK
1984Kumar AnandanSri Lanka
1988Renata AgondiBrazil
1999Fausta Marin MorenoMexico
2001Ueli StaubSwitzerland
2012Páraic CaseyIreland
2013Susan TaylorUK
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Sandettie Lightship Observations

2pm, 27th May 2016

Water: 54.5 °F (12.5 °C)

Air: 53.8 °F (12.1 °C)

Wind Speed: 12.0 kn (22.2 km/h)

Wind Direction: N (10°)

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