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03 Sep 2013Samuel Neri swims the Channel

Samuel Neri swims the Channel

Samuel finishes his 'Triple Crown' with his English Channel Swim

Forty eight year old Mexican attorney at law Mr Samuel Neri, completed his English Channel swim in 17 hours and 32 minutes, as part of his attempt at the “swimming triple crown”. It had been almost 5 years since his first attempt at swimming the English Channel in August 2009, when after almost 14 hours in the water observers noted that his swimming stroke had fallen below 25 spm (strokes per minute). A year later Mr Neri attempted the swim again, but was forced to abandon the swim in its early stages, but made a personal promise to complete the UK’s marathon cold water swim.

By profession, Samuel is an attorney, graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, founder and CEO of Neri Abogados Asociados, which has implemented international offices in Spain and France. He has been professor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico for more than 22 years and Chief Secretary of the Franco-Mexican Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2010-2011).

Mr Neri next plans to return to the UK in 2 years’ time, to attempt a double crossing of the English Channel. We all wish him the very best.

AWESOME photos from Steve Hadfield.


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