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Notes on the Tide Tables 


Please note the following points regarding the tide tables and charts published on this website:

  • The tables and charts are Dover tide level predictions made by mathematical models. The one we used here is a freeware program XTide ( There are many other sources, notably National Oceanography Centre National Tidal and Sea Level Facility - you can find their Dover tide tables here.
  • Please note the XTide model disclaimer.
  • Key drivers for all tidal models are the movements of the Sun and the Moon; therefore they should all produce very similar results for high/low tide times and tidal ranges. The XTide model and the NOC models agree within couple of minutes and few centimetres. Note that the NOC tables do not adjust the times for the British Summer Time.
  • All tide prediction models are based on fitting 'harmonics' i.e. sinusoidal curves to past data. They cannot take into account the actual weather conditions which have a significant effect on the tidal ranges, especially in the Dover straits. The tide tables and charts on this website should be used as indicators of future tidal ranges and current strengths. The actual, observed values will almost certainly be different.
  • All our pilots observe actual tides and weather conditions prior to each swim and have a huge experience in Channel navigation. They will always have the last word on the conditions and swim timing.