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Traditionally pilots have only booked swimmers onto neap tides.  It has now become common practice to head out on a spring tide if the conditions are propitious.  Spring tides are on the days inbetween the sets of neap tides.

Dover tidal heights are:

  • Neaps tides - approximately 5.3 - 6.1 metres HW
  • Spring tides - approximately 6.1 - 6.8 metres HW
2014 DatesTide
20th to 26th JuneNeap
27th to 30th JuneSpring
1st to 10th JulyNeap
11th to 18th JulySpring
19th to 27th JulyNeap
28th July to 1st AugustSpring
2nd to 8th August Neap
9th to 16th August Spring
17th to 24th August Neap
25th to 31st August  Spring
1st to 6th SeptemberNeap
7th to 14th SeptemberSpring
15th to 22nd SeptemberNeap
23rd to 30th SeptemberSpring
1st to 6th OctoberNeap
2015 DatesTide
16th to 21st JuneSpring
22nd to 30th JuneNeap
1st to 8th JulySpring
9th to 14th July  Neap
15th to 21st JulySpring
22nd to 29th July  Neap
30th July to 7th AugustSpring
8th to 13th August   Neap
14th to 20th August  Spring
21st to 27th August Neap
28th Aug to 4th SeptSpring
5th to 11th September Neap
12th to 18th SeptemberSpring
19th to 25th September Neap
26th Sept to 3rd OctoberSpring
4th to 11th OctoberNeap
2016 DatesTide
24th June to 1st JulyNeap
2nd to 9th JulySpring
10th to 18th JulyNeap
19th to 26th JulySpring
27th to 31st JulyNeap
1st to 15th AugustSpring
9th to 16th AugustNeap
17th to 25th AugustSpring
26th to 30th AugustNeap
1st to 6th SeptemberSpring
7th to 14th SeptemberNeap
15th to 22nd SeptemberSpring
23rd to 28th SeptemberNeap
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    Don't forget your passport!

    As the 2014 season gets under way, all swimmers should be aware of the recent changes in Channel regulations. Please read a message by the CS&PF Chairman Mike Oram Read more


Sandettie Lightship Observations

8pm, 23rd July 2014

Water: 63.9 °F (17.7 °C)

Air: 66.4 °F (19.1 °C)

Wind Speed: 20.0 kn (37.0 km/h)

Wind Direction: NE (40°)

Channel Weather 

Unofficial success on 22 July: 1-way relay Sivota Sharks, time 14:01, pilot Paul Foreman.

9 hours ago