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Swim Tracks 

On this page you can see the AIS data provided to CS&PF by and Please select a boat and "from" and "to" dates/times to generate a Google Map with the AIS track. Please read our notes below for more information.



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  • The AIS data for this page has been provided to CS&PF by and
  • We started to monitor these feeds comprehensively on 24th July 2012; before this date we only have sporadic or no data at all.
  • The AIS feeds for some periods may be incomplete.
  • Two sources of data we use ocassionally do not match: latitude and longitude are always correct, but sometimes the associated time may not be accurate. You may see the path going to-and-fro. We are investigating this issue, if you spot any patterns please let us know!
  • If you have any comments or suggestions on how to improve this page, please contact us.