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Sandettie Lightship Buoy Data

Daily values taken at 12 noon UTC.
Tidal range is the absolute difference between high and low Dover tides.

There were 38 swim dates in our solo swims database during 2014: Jun 30th, Jul 2nd, Jul 3rd, Jul 7th, Jul 8th, Jul 12th, Jul 19th, Jul 20th, Jul 21st, Jul 22nd, Jul 26th, Jul 27th, Jul 28th, Jul 30th, Aug 2nd, Aug 4th, Aug 5th, Aug 7th, Aug 8th, Aug 19th, Aug 20th, Aug 23rd, Aug 24th, Aug 31st, Sep 1st, Sep 2nd, Sep 3rd, Sep 5th, Sep 6th, Sep 7th, Sep 8th, Sep 9th, Sep 15th, Sep 16th, Sep 18th, Sep 19th, Sep 20th, Oct 2nd.


  • Data shown on these graphs are from the Sandettie Lightship Buoy automatic weather station. It is the closest station measuring sea temperatures and weather to the Channel swimming routes.
  • To track graph values move the mouse over the graph area. To change graph resolution, highlight the area of interest. To zoom out, double-click on the graph area.
  • Sandettie data is provided by the Met Office: it contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v1.0. Please read our detailed notes on Sandettie data and interpreting these graphs and values.
  • Tide range data is calculated by the XTide freeware. See our Tides section for more information. 
  • If you have any suggestions or comments on how we presented this data, please contact us.