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CS&PF Swims

This is a current list of successful CS&PF swims since 2000. Please note that some swims may not be listed straight away as it may take couple of days to contact the swim pilot and observer to confirm all details. All times and results are unofficial until ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Solo Swims (37 swims; 36 singles; one double; 38 crossings)

Date Swimmer Pilot/Boat Time Track
12th JulySarah PollMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes16:00:00Swim Track
14th JulyMarc GledhillRobert Thompson / Anastasia14:44:00Swim Track
17th JulyNick AdamsJason Parrott / Optimist12:04:50Swim Track
30th JulyPhil CrutcherPaul Foreman / Optimist12:25:30Swim Track
30th JulyMelanie HollandLance Oram / Gallivant11:43:00Swim Track
6th AugustPaul RobinsonRobert Thompson / Anastasia13:00:00Swim Track
6th AugustPeter GreenLance Oram / Gallivant22:40:00Swim Track
7th AugustNicholas HaynesMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes12:52:41Swim Track
7th AugustSarah LilesRobert Thompson / Anastasia13:03:00Swim Track
12th AugustNeil LarkinLance Oram / Gallivant12:10:00Swim Track
12th AugustSteve StievenartSimon Ellis / High Hopes15:12:00
+ 19:33:00
= 34:45:00
Swim Track
14th AugustClive WoodcockMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes15:46:00Swim Track
14th AugustClaire LeightonNeil Streeter / Suva12:02:00Swim Track
14th AugustStuart BowmanPaul Foreman / Optimist11:58:30Swim Track
15th AugustDylan DejahangNeil Streeter / Suva12:07:15Swim Track
15th AugustColin FranceSimon Ellis / High Hopes11:46:00Swim Track
16th AugustRoy WoodsPaul Foreman / Optimist12:42:00Swim Track
1st SeptemberCourtney PaulkMike Oram / West Winds17:21:00Swim Track
2nd SeptemberMalcolm SwarbrickLance Oram / Gallivant15:44:30Swim Track
2nd SeptemberAndrea OrianaSimon Ellis / High Hopes10:19:00Swim Track
2nd SeptemberJon SoutheyPaul Foreman / Optimist14:38:40Swim Track
2nd SeptemberCraig KerrMike Oram / West Winds15:02:00Swim Track
6th SeptemberRupert AllhusenLance Oram / Gallivant15:15:00Swim Track
6th SeptemberMelanie Tyrrell Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes14:44:00Swim Track
6th SeptemberMark SheridanNeil Streeter / Suva13:40:50Swim Track
6th SeptemberSabrina PeronPaul Foreman / Optimist14:46:00Swim Track
10th SeptemberDidier Castagna Lance Oram / Gallivant13:57:00Swim Track
10th SeptemberWendy TrehiouNeil Streeter / Suva14:40:56Swim Track
10th SeptemberJoe MilnesRobert Thompson / Anastasia12:10:00Swim Track
11th SeptemberMatt MurphyNeil Streeter / Suva13:06:00Swim Track
11th SeptemberJennifer LaffanMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes14:27:00Swim Track
11th SeptemberLucy Ashdown-ParkesRobert Thompson / Anastasia14:20:00Swim Track
14th SeptemberJim LaffertySimon Ellis / High Hopes11:53:00Swim Track
14th SeptemberDavid WilliamsNeil Streeter / Suva12:42:00Swim Track
14th SeptemberScott TapleyRobert Thompson / Anastasia17:59:00Swim Track
14th SeptemberSarah PhilpottLance Oram / Gallivant13:48:00Swim Track
15th SeptemberPaul ReddingRobert Thompson / Anastasia16:40:00Swim Track

Relays (32 swims; 32 singles; 32 crossings)

Date Relay (no of people) Pilot/Boat Time Track
16th July Aspire Kookaburras (6) Mike Oram / West Winds 15:32:00 Swim Track
21st July Social Distancing Triple Dippers (3) Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes 9:39:23 Swim Track
22nd July Henley Mermaids (5) Robert Thompson / Anastasia 17:53:00 Swim Track
22nd July South London Allsorts (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 18:40:41 Swim Track
30th July ESHT Channel Conquest (6) Mike Oram / West Winds 13:01:00 Swim Track
31st July Fourtitude (4) Mike Oram / West Winds 13:45:00 Swim Track
4th August Aspire Funnel Webs (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:12:30 Swim Track
6th August Aspire Possums (6) Jason Parrott / Optimist 13:52:00 Swim Track
7th August 2020 Vision (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:19:00 Swim Track
7th August Aspire Orca Pod (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 11:04:00 Swim Track
7th August Aspire Budgies (6) Mike Oram / West Winds 16:12:00 Swim Track
7th August French-Cuban Relais (2) Lance Oram / Gallivant 12:43:00 Swim Track
8th August Aspire Taz Devils (6) Robert Thompson / Anastasia 15:23:00 Swim Track
8th August WiLDS (Besley Chapter) (6) Lance Oram / Gallivant 13:16:00 Swim Track
11th August Not Now Ceto (5) Tanya Harding / West Winds 14:34:00 Swim Track
11th August Coronacoaster 2020 (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 16:05:00 Swim Track
11th August Kingsdown Crawlers (5) Jason Parrott / Optimist 12:57:00 Swim Track
13th August Lunachicks (5) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:11:00 Swim Track
13th August Aspire Cassowaries (6) Tanya Harding / West Winds 12:45:00 Swim Track
14th August Swim Takya 2020 (6) Robert Thompson / Anastasia 12:26:00 Swim Track
1st September Aspire Kangaroos (6) Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes 14:03:00 Swim Track
1st September Big Ricks Chicks (4) Lance Oram / Gallivant 12:17:25 Swim Track
6th September Aspire Sussex Sea Turtles (6) Robert Thompson / Anastasia 14:32:00 Swim Track
6th September Aspire Kenilworth Koalas (5) Mike Oram / West Winds 15:00:00 Swim Track
11th September COSMIC Rays 1 (6) Tanya Harding / Gallivant 14:27:00 Swim Track
14th September Aspire Wallabies (6) Mike Oram / West Winds 14:58:00 Swim Track
15th September Seas the Day (5) Neil Streeter / Suva 14:17:00 Swim Track
15th September Janthea Fusion (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:22:00 Swim Track
15th September No Buoys Allowed (3) Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes 12:50:00 Swim Track
15th September COSMIC Rays 2 (4) Lance Oram / Gallivant 15:26:00 Swim Track
29th September Ferry Dodgers (3) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:57:00 Swim Track
9th October Downhill Swimmers (4) Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes 11:25:00 Swim Track