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CS&PF Swims

This is a current list of successful CS&PF swims since 2012. Please note that some swims may not be listed straight away as it may take couple of days to contact the swim pilot and observer to confirm all details. All times and results are unofficial until ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Solo Swims (26 swims; 26 singles; 26 crossings)

Date Swimmer Pilot/Boat Time Track
14th JuneBianca KempsterPaul Foreman / Optimist20:01:35Swim Track
27th JuneThomas PembrokeEddie Spelling / Anastasia15:19:00Swim Track
4th JulyWilliam SchulzLance Oram / Sea Satin15:44:00Swim Track
8th JulyAnita GoyosEddie Spelling / Mighty Mo11:58:00Swim Track
8th JulyMark GardnerPaul Foreman / Optimist12:18:00Swim Track
8th JulyChristopher StylesMike Oram / Gallivant16:37:22Swim Track
13th JulyKatherine ChapmanSimon Ellis / Sea Farer II12:14:00Swim Track
13th JulyDominic TinleyPaul Foreman / Optimist20:36:00Swim Track
14th JulyDan McLeodMike Oram / Gallivant16:01:00Swim Track
1st AugustStuart LaneEddie Spelling / Mighty Mo12:04:00Swim Track
1st AugustOli WithersSimon Ellis / Sea Farer II17:48:35Swim Track
1st AugustAbigail BergmanMike Oram / Gallivant13:15:00Swim Track
1st AugustRebecca NevittLance Oram / Sea Satin14:35:00Swim Track
7th AugustKim CareyMike Oram / Gallivant14:31:00Swim Track
8th AugustJustin FletcherPaul Foreman / Optimist14:49:30Swim Track
8th AugustAndrew JonesEddie Spelling / Anastasia10:28:00Swim Track
8th AugustToby DavisNeil Streeter / Suva15:04:00Swim Track
13th AugustDani LoboPaul Foreman / Optimist19:38:00Swim Track
13th AugustNick AdamsNeil Streeter / Suva12:56:00Swim Track
14th AugustGregory MockettPaul Foreman / Optimist15:39:46Swim Track
14th AugustJohn TierneyLance Oram / Sea Satin14:37:00Swim Track
14th AugustThomas GainerEddie Spelling / Anastasia12:56:10Swim Track
14th AugustRachel HillMike Oram / Gallivant17:28:00Swim Track
15th AugustNaomi VidesMike Oram / Gallivant12:00:00Swim Track
16th AugustJean-Michel DixteSimon Ellis / Sea Farer II14:22:00Swim Track
16th AugustPaul MaggsPaul Foreman / Optimist16:16:00Swim Track

Relays (32 swims; 31 singles; one double; 33 crossings)

Date Relay (no of people) Pilot/Boat Time Track
14th June Aspire Sea Eagles (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 16:00:00 Swim Track
17th June Wellington College (7) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:36:00 Swim Track
22nd June Over There! (1917) (6) Mike Oram / Gallivant 13:28:00 Swim Track
22nd June Over There! (2017) (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 14:20:00 Swim Track
29th June Dust If You Must! (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:02:00 Swim Track
30th June Team HP (3) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 15:42:00 Swim Track
30th June JBR Run & Tri club channel relay team (5) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 16:57:00 Swim Track
30th June Winging It (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 15:37:00 Swim Track
30th June Well Able 2 (2) Mike Oram / Gallivant 15:32:00 Swim Track
4th July The Eastney Dippers (5) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:24:00 Swim Track
5th July Myrtleville Selkies (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 16:31:00
+ 17:04:00
= 33:35:00
Swim Track
5th July Seaquels (2) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 17:08:00 Swim Track
8th July Team West Suffolk (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 14:03:00 Swim Track
9th July Last of the Summer Waves (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 15:17:00 Swim Track
14th July Channel Challengers (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 14:14:00 Swim Track
15th July In the Duck Poo (5) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:46:00 Swim Track
16th July Tralee Bay Masters (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:25:00 Swim Track
16th July Catch 21 (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 13:57:00 Swim Track
25th July Flitwick Dolphins (7) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 12:04:00 Swim Track
25th July Pirate Teachers Association (4) Simon Ellis / Sea Farer II 13:58:00 Swim Track
25th July Amphitrite (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:35:00 Swim Track
1st August Channelling Greatness (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 14:20:00 Swim Track
6th August Aspire Walrus (6) Mike Oram / Gallivant 15:49:00 Swim Track
6th August MySwim (6) Simon Ellis / Sea Farer II 11:47:00 Swim Track
6th August Overcome (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 13:39:39 Swim Track
8th August Paul Harris, Sean Collins, Chris Minall (3) Mike Oram / Gallivant 15:51:00 Swim Track
13th August Air Training Corp (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:38:00 Swim Track
13th August Cosmic Rays 2 (5) Mike Oram / Gallivant 14:18:00 Swim Track
14th August Sea Snails Swim Team (6) Simon Ellis / Sea Farer II 21:42:10 Swim Track
14th August Aspire Porpoise (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 13:25:00 Swim Track
15th August Munich Cricket Club Swimming Team (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:56:00 Swim Track
16th August Crewsing (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 14:10:00 Swim Track