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CS&PF Swims

This is a current list of successful CS&PF swims since 2012. Please note that some swims may not be listed straight away as it may take couple of days to contact the swim pilot and observer to confirm all details. All times and results are unofficial until ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Solo Swims (61 swims; 60 singles; one double; 62 crossings)

Date Swimmer Pilot/Boat Time Track
30th JuneMarcella MacDonaldMike Oram / Gallivant11:50:00Swim Track
2nd JulyNicholas AlfordMike Oram / Gallivant14:04:00Swim Track
2nd JulyStephen RobertsNeil Streeter / Suva14:02:00Swim Track
2nd JulyMichael JohmannPaul Foreman / Optimist13:50:00Swim Track
3rd JulyChristopher JordinsonMike Oram / Gallivant14:55:00Swim Track
3rd JulyVicky MillerPaul Foreman / Optimist11:07:51Swim Track
8th JulyEmma FranceNeil Streeter / Suva12:58:00Swim Track
12th JulyMark SheridanNeil Streeter / Suva14:33:59Swim Track
21st JulyDan RobinsonMike Oram / Gallivant11:59:00Swim Track
21st JulyHeather SmithEddie Spelling / Anastasia11:11:00Swim Track
22nd JulyGarreth BallMike Oram / Gallivant12:38:00Swim Track
22nd JulyBob FernaldLance Oram / Sea Satin10:50:00Swim Track
26th JulyRosie FoleyPaul Foreman / Optimist15:53:32Swim Track
26th JulyRohan MoreNeil Streeter / Suva13:13:00Swim Track
27th JulyBoguslaw OgrodnikNeil Streeter / Suva20:33:00Swim Track
27th JulyPaul HoffmanLance Oram / Sea Satin14:45:00Swim Track
27th JulyMichael MaierMike Oram / Gallivant15:48:00Swim Track
30th JulyJason BetleyLance Oram / Sea Satin13:59:40Swim Track
30th JulyBruce KershawNeil Streeter / Suva12:09:00Swim Track
30th JulyKarteek ClarkeMike Oram / Gallivant19:01:00Swim Track
2nd AugustShannon WelkPaul Foreman / Optimist14:25:00Swim Track
4th AugustJulian CritchlowMike Oram / Gallivant17:35:00Swim Track
4th AugustJames NortonEddie Spelling / Anastasia14:59:14Swim Track
5th AugustGeorgina HalfordMike Oram / Gallivant12:22:00Swim Track
5th AugustAmanda BellEddie Spelling / Anastasia18:26:18Swim Track
5th AugustStuart BowmanPaul Foreman / Optimist15:24:00Swim Track
5th AugustNick AdamsNeil Streeter / Suva12:10:00Swim Track
5th AugustDori MillerLance Oram / Sea Satin12:08:00
+ 14:13:00
= 26:21:00
Swim Track
7th AugustCharlotte BentonNeil Streeter / Suva14:30:00Swim Track
7th AugustGabriel VitiMike Oram / Gallivant15:50:00Swim Track
7th AugustSimon FullertonLance Oram / Sea Satin13:18:00Swim Track
8th AugustMichael CrossLance Oram / Sea Satin15:43:00Swim Track
8th AugustAnthony PlantNeil Streeter / Suva14:58:00Swim Track
20th AugustBoguslaw WozniakJames Willi / Gallivant12:56:00Swim Track
20th AugustDaniel LoboPaul Foreman / Optimist14:43:00Swim Track
20th AugustCyril BaldockMike Oram / Sea Farer II12:45:00Swim Track
20th AugustKate RobartsNeil Streeter / Suva13:20:00Swim Track
24th AugustAnna TorokEddie Spelling / Anastasia12:59:12Swim Track
24th AugustPaige ChristieMike Oram / Gallivant12:55:00Swim Track
1st SeptemberBethany BoschMike Oram / Sea Farer II17:39:00Swim Track
1st SeptemberZani MullerNeil Streeter / Suva18:23:12Swim Track
1st SeptemberLucinda BaylissEddie Spelling / Anastasia12:24:59Swim Track
1st SeptemberHannah BennettLance Oram / Sea Satin13:36:00Swim Track
2nd SeptemberRobert FarrowPaul Foreman / Optimist12:57:00Swim Track
3rd SeptemberLiudmila PopovaJames Willi / Gallivant13:40:00Swim Track
5th SeptemberThomas Van EveryNeil Streeter / Suva14:06:41Swim Track
6th SeptemberAngikar Sasa DjordjevicJames Willi / Gallivant18:41:20Swim Track
6th SeptemberIan HoltPaul Foreman / Optimist18:28:02Swim Track
6th SeptemberOtto ThaningMike Oram / Sea Farer II12:53:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberTony BaileyEddie Spelling / Anastasia25:56:51Swim Track
7th SeptemberPeter HueckerNeil Streeter / Suva23:05:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberDouglas HackingLance Oram / Sea Satin14:11:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberMark JohansenPaul Foreman / Optimist14:08:04Swim Track
8th SeptemberCharlotte SamuelsEddie Spelling / Anastasia20:44:27Swim Track
8th SeptemberMark de KlerkNeil Streeter / Suva13:58:00Swim Track
16th SeptemberThomas BellPaul Foreman / Optimist15:53:00Swim Track
18th SeptemberIon LazarencoEddie Spelling / Anastasia13:34:00Swim Track
18th SeptemberMiguel Guillermo Campero GarciaLance Oram / Sea Satin13:08:00Swim Track
19th SeptemberSam JonesNeil Streeter / Suva16:38:00Swim Track
19th SeptemberJeremy Dennis IrvineEddie Spelling / Anastasia16:25:04Swim Track
2nd OctoberKate ToddNeil Streeter / Suva15:26:00Swim Track

Relays (62 swims; 60 singles; 2 doubles; 64 crossings)

Date Relay (no of people) Pilot/Boat Time Track
8th JuneOverlord 70 (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin12:08:00Swim Track
29th JuneLou's Legend (6)Neil Streeter / Suva16:06:43Swim Track
29th JuneTeam V5 Racing (4)Paul Foreman / Optimist12:51:56Swim Track
30th JuneWarrington Dolphins (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia15:15:00Swim Track
2nd JulyNorthern and Nithered (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia15:23:00Swim Track
3rd JulyILDSA Leinster (3)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia12:26:00Swim Track
3rd JulyAspire Starfish (6)Neil Streeter / Suva15:16:32Swim Track
7th JulyTeam FAB (3)Paul Foreman / Optimist13:48:00Swim Track
7th JulyYOBS (4)Neil Streeter / Suva16:15:00Swim Track
7th JulyIrish Deaf Channel Swimmers (7)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia14:10:44Swim Track
8th JulyWexford Masters Open Water (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia12:31:00Swim Track
8th JulyThe Celts (3)Paul Foreman / Optimist12:15:00Swim Track
8th JulyCoast Busters (6)Chris Osmond / Sea Farer II13:13:00Swim Track
12th JulyOxford University (6)Mike Oram / Gallivant9:02:00Swim Track
12th JulyRed Neck Yacht Club (4)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia15:16:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - Into The Blue (6)Paul Foreman / Optimist19:42:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - Are We There Yet (5)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia17:06:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - The Red Hot Chilli Penguins (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin17:16:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - On Porpoise (5)Mike Oram / Gallivant16:06:00Swim Track
20th JulyBarracudas: Last Seen 51° 7' N / 1° 18' E (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia14:14:00Swim Track
20th JulyNight Train (4)Neil Streeter / Suva11:38:00Swim Track
21st JulyYfirlidid (5)Lance Oram / Sea Satin13:31:00Swim Track
22nd JulyBarracudas F.A.S.T (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia10:41:10Swim Track
22nd JulySivota Sharks (5)Paul Foreman / Optimist13:59:00Swim Track
25th JulyBrighton Icebergers (5)Lance Oram / Sea Satin14:03:00Swim Track
25th JulyPWRR Tiger Sharks (6)Mike Oram / Gallivant16:22:00Swim Track
26th JulyBarracudas Coastbusters (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia11:33:32Swim Track
2nd AugustMunster Mermaids (5)Lance Oram / Sea Satin16:15:00Swim Track
4th AugustAspire Seahorses (6)Neil Streeter / Suva14:49:00Swim Track
4th AugustEast Anglia Channel Swimmers (5)Paul Foreman / Optimist13:24:00Swim Track
7th AugustJABS (2)Paul Foreman / Optimist14:03:00Swim Track
15th AugustTI6 (6)Mike Oram / Sea Farer II12:50:00Swim Track
15th AugustChiltern Tri Salty Seals 2014 (6)James Willi / Gallivant16:59:00Swim Track
16th AugustDiabetes UK - Catch A Wave (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin14:44:00Swim Track
16th AugustEnglish Channel Team: Brooklyn-Berlin, 2014 (4)Paul Foreman / Optimist14:35:00Swim Track
16th AugustAspire Stingrays (4)Neil Streeter / Suva16:11:00Swim Track
20th AugustEconomy Class To France (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia10:34:04Swim Track
24th AugustLast Minute Larrys (6)Paul Foreman / Optimist12:50:00Swim Track
31st AugustBoxfit (6)James Willi / Gallivant14:32:00Swim Track
31st AugustAspire Swordfish (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia14:15:00Swim Track
31st AugustWild Geese (6)Neil Streeter / Suva14:24:00Swim Track
3rd SeptemberChannel Team Wassenaar (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin12:17:00
+ 15:59:00
= 28:16:00
Swim Track
5th SeptemberAspire Squid (6)James Willi / Gallivant13:00:00Swim Track
5th SeptemberAspire Seagulls (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin12:48:00Swim Track
5th SeptemberDiabetes UK - In The Swim (6)Paul Foreman / Optimist13:05:00Swim Track
6th SeptemberDover Lifeguards - Plymouth University (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin11:59:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberSouthend Sea Urchins (5)James Willi / Gallivant12:51:00Swim Track
8th SeptemberDiabetes UK - Tidetastic (6)James Willi / Gallivant14:53:00Swim Track
9th SeptemberDiabetes UK - Into The Deep (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin18:32:00Swim Track
9th SeptemberSalter & Son (2)Neil Streeter / Suva14:57:50Swim Track
9th SeptemberDiabetes UK - Seals of Approval (6)Paul Foreman / Optimist17:28:00Swim Track
16th SeptemberThree Men And A Little Lady (4)Lance Oram / Sea Satin13:32:00Swim Track
16th SeptemberCastaways (3)Neil Streeter / Suva17:45:00Swim Track
17th SeptemberJorg Buttner and Friends (4)Lance Oram / Sea Satin13:00:00Swim Track
17th SeptemberSri Chinmoy Golden Jubilee Team (4)James Willi / Gallivant16:34:00Swim Track
18th SeptemberThis Life Matters (6)Neil Streeter / Suva13:56:00Swim Track
19th SeptemberDover Lifeguards 1 (4)Mike Oram / Gallivant11:53:00Swim Track
20th SeptemberCosmic Rays (4)Lance Oram / Sea Satin11:41:00
+ 13:04:00
= 24:45:00
Swim Track
20th SeptemberGulls Gone Wild (6)Paul Foreman / Optimist13:47:00Swim Track
23rd SeptemberTeam Phoenix (6)Mike Oram / Gallivant15:43:00Swim Track
28th SeptemberMedicins Sans Frontieres (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia15:45:00Swim Track
30th SeptemberDLG and ETSC (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin16:38:00Swim Track