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CS&PF Swims

This is a current list of successful CS&PF swims since 2012. Please note that some swims may not be listed straight away as it may take couple of days to contact the swim pilot and observer to confirm all details. All times and results are unofficial until ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Solo Swims (16 swims; 16 singles; 16 crossings)

Date Swimmer Pilot/Boat Time Track
30th JuneMarcella MacDonaldMike Oram / Gallivant11:50:00Swim Track
2nd JulyNicholas AlfordMike Oram / Gallivant14:04:00Swim Track
2nd JulyStephen RobertsNeil Streeter / Suva14:02:00Swim Track
2nd JulyMichael JohmannPaul Foreman / Optimist13:50:00Swim Track
3rd JulyChristopher JordinsonMike Oram / Gallivant14:55:00Swim Track
3rd JulyVicky MillerPaul Foreman / Optimist11:07:51Swim Track
8th JulyEmma FranceNeil Streeter / Suva12:58:00Swim Track
12th JulyMark SheridanNeil Streeter / Suva14:33:59Swim Track
21st JulyHeather SmithEddie Spelling / Anastasia11:11:00Swim Track
21st JulyDan RobinsonMike Oram / Gallivant11:59:00Swim Track
22nd JulyGarreth BallMike Oram / Gallivant12:38:00Swim Track
22nd JulyBob FernaldLance Oram / Sea Satin10:50:00Swim Track
26th JulyRosie FoleyPaul Foreman / Optimist15:53:32Swim Track
26th JulyRohan MoreNeil Streeter / Suva13:13:00Swim Track
27th JulyPaul HoffmanLance Oram / Sea Satin14:45:00Swim Track
27th JulyBoguslaw OgrodnikNeil Streeter / Suva20:33:00Swim Track

Relays (28 swims; 28 singles; 28 crossings)

Date Relay (no of people) Pilot/Boat Time Track
8th JuneOverlord 70 (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin12:08:00Swim Track
29th JuneLou's Legend (7)Neil Streeter / Suva16:06:43Swim Track
29th JuneTeam V5 Racing (4)Paul Foreman / Optimist12:51:56Swim Track
30th JuneWarrington Dolphins (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia15:15:00Swim Track
2nd JulyNorthern and Nithered (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia15:23:00Swim Track
3rd JulyILDSA Leinster (3)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia12:26:00Swim Track
3rd JulyAspire Starfish (6)Neil Streeter / Suva15:16:32Swim Track
7th JulyTeam FAB (3)Paul Foreman / Optimist13:48:00Swim Track
7th JulyYOBS (4)Neil Streeter / Suva16:15:00Swim Track
7th JulyIrish Deaf Channel Swimmers (7)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia14:10:44Swim Track
8th JulyWexford Masters Open Water (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia12:31:00Swim Track
8th JulyThe Celts (3)Paul Foreman / Optimist12:15:00Swim Track
8th JulyCoast Busters (6)Chris Osmond / Sea Farer II13:13:00Swim Track
12th JulyWellington College (6)Paul Foreman / Optimist14:38:00Swim Track
12th JulyRed Neck Yacht Club (4)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia15:16:00Swim Track
12th JulyOxford University (6)Mike Oram / Gallivant9:02:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - On Porpoise (5)Mike Oram / Gallivant16:06:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - The Red Hot Chilli Penguins (6)Lance Oram / Sea Satin17:16:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - Are We There Yet (5)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia17:06:00Swim Track
16th JulyDiabetes UK - Into The Blue (6)Paul Foreman / Optimist19:42:00Swim Track
20th JulyNight Train (4)Neil Streeter / Suva11:38:00Swim Track
20th JulyBarracudas: Last Seen 51° 7' N / 1° 18' E (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia14:14:00Swim Track
21st JulyYfirlidid (5)Lance Oram / Sea Satin13:31:00Swim Track
22nd JulyBarracudas F.A.S.T (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia10:41:10Swim Track
22nd JulySivota Sharks (5)Paul Foreman / Optimist14:01:00Swim Track
25th JulyPWRR Tiger Sharks (6)Mike Oram / Gallivant16:22:00Swim Track
25th JulyBrighton Icebergers (5)Lance Oram / Sea Satin14:03:00Swim Track
26th JulyBarracudas Coastbusters (6)Eddie Spelling / Anastasia11:33:32Swim Track