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CS&PF Swims

This is a current list of successful CS&PF swims since 2000. Please note that some swims may not be listed straight away as it may take couple of days to contact the swim pilot and observer to confirm all details. All times and results are unofficial until ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Solo Swims (40 swims; 40 singles; 40 crossings)

Date Swimmer Pilot/Boat Time Track
26th JuneCatherine Breed Eddie Spelling / Mighty Mo9:50:00Swim Track
5th JulyPatrick McGrathPaul Foreman / Optimist16:40:40Swim Track
6th JulySamantha MouldPaul Foreman / Optimist19:47:35Swim Track
6th JulySimon MaxwellSimon Ellis / Seafarer II15:30:55Swim Track
7th JulyStephen McHughMike Oram / Gallivant17:28:00Swim Track
7th JulyMatt McGeehanPaul Foreman / Optimist12:49:55Swim Track
8th JulyJacques TaffinderEddie Spelling / Mighty Mo14:29:00Swim Track
13th JulyAlessandra Rossi CimaPaul Foreman / Optimist16:24:04Swim Track
14th JulyColin FranceEddie Spelling / Anastasia15:42:00Swim Track
15th JulyRandall EdwardsSimon Ellis / Seafarer II16:45:00Swim Track
15th JulyVerena PendersLance Oram / Sea Satin13:46:00Swim Track
15th JulyAnna PloszajskiMike Oram / Gallivant15:37:00Swim Track
16th JulyStephen MaloneyMike Oram / Gallivant16:39:00Swim Track
19th JulyYossi EttingerLance Oram / Sea Satin13:38:00Swim Track
20th JulyJulieanne GoodeEddie Spelling / Anastasia16:12:00Swim Track
20th JulyLauren Au Brinkmeyer Paul Foreman / Optimist11:00:54Swim Track
20th JulyMiranda WingfieldTanya Harding / Gallivant11:06:00Swim Track
21st JulyGlen KnudsenTanya Harding / Gallivant12:55:00Swim Track
21st JulyKathryn AyreEddie Spelling / Anastasia16:55:00Swim Track
21st JulyWilliam IrwinPaul Foreman / Optimist14:42:00Swim Track
21st JulyEmma FranceNeil Streeter / Suva16:01:00Swim Track
22nd JulyAlice HarveyEddie Spelling / Anastasia13:11:00Swim Track
22nd JulyJames Loreto JnrSimon Ellis / Seafarer II14:32:16Swim Track
24th JulyKyra Sterre WijnkerPaul Foreman / Optimist9:24:00Swim Track
25th JulyNick AdamsNeil Streeter / Suva12:27:00Swim Track
25th JulyJon SoutheySimon Ellis / Seafarer II14:39:00Swim Track
26th JulyIzebel Sierra ArenasSimon Ellis / Seafarer II14:21:52Swim Track
27th JulyMelanie HollandEddie Spelling / Anastasia12:45:00Swim Track
1st AugustChantelle Le GuilcherEddie Spelling / Anastasia14:03:00Swim Track
3rd AugustCatherine StefanuttiNeil Streeter / Suva16:07:50Swim Track
3rd AugustStuart BowmanPaul Foreman / Optimist17:28:00Swim Track
3rd AugustKarl SawetzSimon Ellis / Seafarer II16:43:00Swim Track
3rd AugustRene Martinez SaenzMike Oram / Gallivant13:37:00Swim Track
6th AugustClare WatkinsEddie Spelling / Anastasia15:39:00Swim Track
6th AugustMichael PrenticePaul Foreman / Optimist14:39:30Swim Track
7th AugustAnthony KingMike Oram / Gallivant17:13:00Swim Track
7th AugustMark BrownEddie Spelling / Anastasia11:34:00Swim Track
7th AugustFiona MildnerNeil Streeter / Suva11:15:16Swim Track
7th AugustRosie WilliamsPaul Foreman / Optimist12:56:00Swim Track
17th AugustCarlos Moreno GuzmanLance Oram / Sea Satin14:21:00Swim Track

Relays (35 swims; 35 singles; 35 crossings)

Date Relay (no of people) Pilot/Boat Time Track
22nd June EXERCISE CHANNEL SAPPER (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 13:05:00 Swim Track
23rd June The FABS (The France and Back Swimmers) (5) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:40:00 Swim Track
25th June Wellington College (8) Paul Foreman / Optimist 11:23:00 Swim Track
26th June 4 Ever Hopeful (4) Simon Ellis / Seafarer II 18:38:00 Swim Track
5th July Cumbrian Channel Crossers (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 16:21:00 Swim Track
5th July Let's Swim the Channel (5) Neil Streeter / Suva 13:18:00 Swim Track
6th July Myrtleville Musketeers (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 16:24:00 Swim Track
6th July Colorado Ice Breakers (4) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:56:00 Swim Track
6th July SwimQuesters (4) Neil Streeter / Suva 16:42:00 Swim Track
7th July Aspire Frogfish (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 13:17:00 Swim Track
7th July Argonauts (3) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 17:26:40 Swim Track
7th July Warrington Dolphins Channel Relay 2018 (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 11:05:00 Swim Track
8th July Dover Clovers (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 14:08:00 Swim Track
8th July les Manch'eaux (4) Simon Ellis / Seafarer II 10:18:00 Swim Track
9th July Lonely Jellies (5) Paul Foreman / Optimist 15:11:00 Swim Track
13th July 3 Degrees (4) Simon Ellis / Seafarer II 15:39:00 Swim Track
13th July Windermere Boyz Club (7) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 15:20:00 Swim Track
13th July Puget Sound Swimmers (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 17:29:00 Swim Track
15th July Lakeside Allsorts (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 15:07:00 Swim Track
19th July SJ & J (2) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:00:52 Swim Track
22nd July Eton Carpe Diem Channel Challenge (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 13:28:00 Swim Track
25th July Go with the Flo (2) Paul Foreman / Optimist 10:23:27 Swim Track
26th July Aspire Yak (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 12:53:00 Swim Track
27th July TTC Swordfish (3) Mike Oram / Gallivant 14:03:00 Swim Track
1st August Three Deaf Penguins (3) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:48:00 Swim Track
1st August Aspire Cara Cara (6) Lance Oram / Gallivant 13:50:00 Swim Track
2nd August J2O (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:47:00 Swim Track
2nd August Haring (2) Simon Ellis / Seafarer II 13:08:00 Swim Track
2nd August Ocean's 4 (5) Mike Oram / Gallivant 13:41:00 Swim Track
3rd August Naut Too Cold (4) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 11:16:24 Swim Track
4th August Wild Atlantic Masters (3) Mike Oram / Gallivant 13:04:00 Swim Track
5th August Paul Harris, Ross Garnett, Joseph O'Gorman (3) Mike Oram / Gallivant 16:31:00 Swim Track
5th August Aspire Sea Dragons (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:29:00 Swim Track
7th August COSMIC Rays (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 15:42:00 Swim Track
11th August Borfast (3) Tanya Harding / Sea Satin 9:45:00 Swim Track