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CS&PF Swims

This is a current list of successful CS&PF swims since 2012. Please note that some swims may not be listed straight away as it may take couple of days to contact the swim pilot and observer to confirm all details. All times and results are unofficial until ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Solo Swims (43 swims; 43 singles; 43 crossings)

Date Swimmer Pilot/Boat Time Track
25th JuneWendy Trehiou Neil Streeter / Suva14:24:00Swim Track
29th JunePhilip HodgesNeil Streeter / Suva15:22:00Swim Track
10th JulyJames Broughton Mike Oram / Optimist16:52:00Swim Track
10th JulyMaura TwomeyPaul Foreman / Optimist16:23:00Swim Track
11th JulyMark Prendiville Lance Oram / Sea Satin17:43:00Swim Track
11th JulyDeirdre WardNeil Streeter / Suva15:31:40Swim Track
16th JulyAnthony MarshallLance Oram / Sea Satin20:12:00Swim Track
23rd JulyChristopher A. BurkeEddie Spelling / Anastasia10:44:00Swim Track
30th JulyMaeve CareyEddie Spelling / Anastasia14:49:00Swim Track
30th JulyDaniel FungPaul Foreman / Optimist15:11:00Swim Track
31st JulyBojan ObradovicLance Oram / Sea Satin19:16:00Swim Track
1st AugustTrevor MalonePaul Foreman / Optimist13:13:00Swim Track
1st AugustSam BainbridgeEddie Spelling / Anastasia22:25:00Swim Track
6th AugustLukasz KowalczykEddie Spelling / Anastasia12:36:00Swim Track
7th AugustAnnabel LaversNeil Streeter / Suva17:10:09Swim Track
8th AugustNick AdamsNeil Streeter / Suva14:16:24Swim Track
9th AugustSigrun Thuridur GeirsdottirJames Willi / Gallivant22:34:00Swim Track
9th AugustMichael GregoryMike Oram / Sea Farer II13:35:00Swim Track
9th AugustBenjamin FreemanEddie Spelling / Anastasia9:10:00Swim Track
11th AugustGuy BatchelorPaul Foreman / Optimist17:08:00Swim Track
17th AugustKristian O'DonovanJames Willi / Gallivant13:48:00Swim Track
17th AugustPhilip YorkeNeil Streeter / Suva18:02:00Swim Track
17th AugustLisa June WilliamsEddie Spelling / Anastasia17:19:00Swim Track
17th AugustVolker KochMike Oram / Sea Farer II18:32:00Swim Track
21st AugustEmily Evans Paul Foreman / Optimist12:34:00Swim Track
28th AugustElizabeth Fry Eddie Spelling / Anastasia12:15:00Swim Track
29th AugustEmma ListerLance Oram / Sea Satin17:39:00Swim Track
2nd SeptemberJessica HepburnPaul Foreman / Optimist17:44:30Swim Track
2nd SeptemberMark SheridanNeil Streeter / Suva13:32:00Swim Track
2nd SeptemberKerry O'HaraEddie Spelling / Anastasia12:46:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberArni Thor ArnasonJames Willi / Gallivant20:47:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberAsgeir EliassonLance Oram / Sea Satin17:16:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberYuta TsuboiPaul Foreman / Optimist10:42:00Swim Track
7th SeptemberJames Reynolds Clifford Sr.Eddie Spelling / Anastasia10:03:00Swim Track
8th SeptemberMichael HosieJames Willi / Gallivant16:25:00Swim Track
13th SeptemberToni EnderliLance Oram / Sea Satin14:47:00Swim Track
20th SeptemberDesmond Mulcahy Neil Streeter / Suva11:45:00Swim Track
20th SeptemberChad StarksPaul Foreman / Optimist16:54:00Swim Track
20th SeptemberSebastian KarasEddie Spelling / Anastasia8:48:00Swim Track
25th SeptemberMark H. SmithermanEddie Spelling / Anastasia12:32:00Swim Track
25th SeptemberPatti BauernfeindNeil Streeter / Suva10:45:00Swim Track
4th OctoberPaul NettleshipPaul Foreman / Optimist11:59:59Swim Track
8th OctoberSue CroftNeil Streeter / Suva15:59:00Swim Track

Relays (47 swims; 47 singles; 47 crossings)

Date Relay (no of people) Pilot/Boat Time Track
23rd June Knight Frank Relay (4) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 13:47:00 Swim Track
24th June Lea/Birch Cake & Eat It (2) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 16:23:51 Swim Track
24th June Sisters of Swim (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 20:04:00 Swim Track
25th June swimforSANDS (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:22:00 Swim Track
29th June Girls Tri 2 Swim (3) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 15:23:00 Swim Track
2nd July Chilled Penguins (5) Mike Oram / Gallivant 15:27:00 Swim Track
3rd July Dr. Kat And The Jelly Dodgers (5) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 16:14:00 Swim Track
5th July Haven Hospices 2 (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 17:39:00 Swim Track
5th July All In Your Mind (4) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 16:02:00 Swim Track
5th July Spencer London Ladies (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 11:33:00 Swim Track
10th July Auckland Grammar (6) James Willi / Gallivant 10:36:39 Swim Track
10th July 4forBlue (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 17:52:00 Swim Track
10th July Adana Metropolitan Munincipality Women's Channel Team (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 16:44:00 Swim Track
16th July 3 Bears (3) James Willi / Gallivant 16:16:00 Swim Track
16th July Aspire Crocodiles (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 16:31:00 Swim Track
16th July The Cheeky Channel Champs (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 16:18:00 Swim Track
19th July Team Honey Badger (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 19:35:00 Swim Track
23rd July Father & Son for The Uganda Project (2) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 12:52:00 Swim Track
31st July Aspire Octopus (8) Neil Streeter / Suva 15:15:00 Swim Track
1st August Tri Gen Stars (3) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 16:34:00 Swim Track
1st August Faster Than The Ferry (4) James Willi / Gallivant 15:10:00 Swim Track
6th August Grimsey's Adult Swimfit (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 11:31:00 Swim Track
7th August Suffolk Swimscapers (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 14:28:00 Swim Track
7th August Aspire Platypus (6) James Willi / Gallivant 15:21:00 Swim Track
7th August Gloucester Pirates (3) Mike Oram / Optimist 14:12:30 Swim Track
8th August Is This The Way To Amaretto ? (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 15:09:00 Swim Track
9th August Cosmic Rays (2) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 13:25:00 Swim Track
9th August Allez les Verts (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:37:00 Swim Track
10th August Fly to France (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 19:15:00 Swim Track
16th August Aspire Sea Lions (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 16:40:00 Swim Track
16th August CCAT (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 15:34:00 Swim Track
16th August Wetnosers (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:51:00 Swim Track
17th August Washed Up Quartet (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 15:32:00 Swim Track
18th August Aspire Ducks (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 15:38:00 Swim Track
21st August Hayley's Channel Relay Team (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 15:03:00 Swim Track
21st August JLDSC Ruby Relay (7) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 13:52:00 Swim Track
29th August 16 Medical Regiment (8) Paul Foreman / Optimist 17:55:00 Swim Track
29th August Aspire Polar Bears (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 12:23:00 Swim Track
30th August Channel Chums (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 12:06:00 Swim Track
3rd September Dover Lifeguard Juniors (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 16:36:00 Swim Track
19th September Lesseas (5) James Willi / Gallivant 14:32:00 Swim Track
20th September Snorbans Sloths (4) Mike Oram / Sea Farer II 13:20:00 Swim Track
25th September Shark-to-Arc (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:39:40 Swim Track
3rd October Sandycove PGA (3) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:05:30 Swim Track
3rd October Team BADD (4) Paul Foreman / Optimist 15:27:00 Swim Track
4th October Team NoChlorine (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 15:04:00 Swim Track
8th October Marlin (2) James Willi / Gallivant 17:54:00 Swim Track