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Swim Training Groups 

The CS&PF does not provide, manage or accept responsibility for any training group including the safety of any training-opportunities provided to swimmers, whether individually or as part of an organised group or camp.

Nonetheless, the CS&PF acknowledges the significant contribution which can be made towards the sport of channel swimming by informal groups training together, whether comprising a collection of volunteers, an unincorporated association or an incorporated company. Established weekend training groups include the Dover Harbour group and the Durley beach group, both training from May to September inclusive.

Sample Swimmer’s Declaration Form For Use by Training Groups 

The CS&PF wishes to support training groups by providing them with the option of utilising and adapting this Declaration Form, on the basis it is relied upon at the sole risk of any training groups choosing to do so. 

The purpose of the form is for each swimmer(or their parent/guardian if they are under 18) to declare that the swimmer (i) is going to conduct swim training anyway, (ii) recognises that in doing so there is a risk of harm or death and (iii) recognises that in relying upon the advice or guidance that may be provided to them by any member of the group, the swimmer has the option to disregard the same, or to act on it only if the swimmer is happy that the swimmer is doing so at the swimmer’s own risk.

Please note that use of the form does not alter the requirement that all persons carrying on training do so in accordance with effective and safe procedures, such as carrying out pre, during and after-swim checks and briefings, recommending pairing-up or “buddy” swimming or other safe swimming-practices, familiarizing and monitoring of local, shore, weather, boating, lifeguarding and sea conditions, carrying out risk-assessments (and ensuring that every individual swimmer carries out an individual risk assessment) and recommending the use of safe/visible swimming clothing and accessories (such as brightly coloured swimming caps and tow-floats).

The form is free to download by any not-for-profit, informal training group and each group should adapt the form to its own circumstances for use at its own risk. Any group using the form is welcome to state on their form that it is adapted from the form provided at