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Pilot - Neil Streeter 


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Welcome to Team SUVA, an exclusive club of like-minded swimmers and supporters. Son of the Channel General, Freda Streeter, brother of Queen of The Channel, Alison Streeter MBE, Neil has been escorting Channel Swimmers for over 12 years.  An open water swimmer himself from the age of 12, with ‘Oceans’ of certificates from his junior days, Neil has been around boats and swimmers for most of his life.

His escort boat is SUVA, a 37ft Steel Trawler Yacht motor cruiser. She has RYA/MCA Small Commercial Craft & Workboat registration: Class 2 (60 miles from safe haven). SUVA underwent a dramatic transformation for the 2017 season. Neil painted her pink!! A foolish declaration in 2016 that, if £30,000 was raised for two cancer charities - "Not a penny less" - then Neil would paint SUVA pink was seized upon by Team SUVA!! Neil, who had never been a fan of the colour pink saw his concern mounting as the idea snowballed into reality. International Paints embraced the idea too and set about creating a brand new paint - Lady Penelope Pink. So far over £35,000 has been raised, an amazing achievement. Neil has enough paint left for two more years so - watch this space!!

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Sandettie Lightship Observations

8am, 28th March 2024

Water: 49.3 °F (9.6 °C)

Air: 47.5 °F (8.6 °C)

Wind Speed: 26.0 kn (48.2 km/h)

Wind Direction: SW (220°)

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