Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation "Nothing great is easy", Captain Matthew Webb

What is the CS&PF 

The Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation is a Governing body for English Channel Swimming. The CS&PF is the largest organisation for English Channel swimming.  In 2011, the CS&PF successfully piloted 44 swimmers to their goal of swimming the English Channel.  

The CS&PF is recognised by many world class sporting organisations:

Our office database holds a comprehensive list of all English Channel swims since Captain Webb's pioneering success in August 1875, and which have been ratified by a recognised organisation. The database includes the current list of swimming records for all ratified swims

The CS&PF is run by volunteers to help swimmers realise their dreams of swimming the English Channel.  We do our best to manage your dreams efficiently, please recognise that we have many priorities which include family, work and other swimmers.

As a Federation, where possible, we are here to guide you to the best of our ability for a successful swim or crossing.  Channel Swimming represents a challenge of extreme mental and physical endurance. Safety has to come first, second and third.  We do our best to mitigate the dangers of Channel Swimming, but the same rule applies to all swimmers which is that you swim at your own risk.

Unofficial success on 26 October: 1-way relay Beauty and the Beasts, time 13:36, pilot Neil Streeter. Congrats team!

4 weeks ago