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Pilot - Paul Foreman 

Paul Foreman -
Phone: +44 1304 620546 - Mobile 07880 940346

Paul escorts Channel swims in his boat 'Optimist'.

Track Paul and 'Optimist' on our live swim tracking page.

  • 'Optimist'


    Paul driving from the flybridge

  • 'Optimist'


    Paul can pilot from either the flybridge or the main cabin

  • 'Optimist'


  • The 'driving' seat

    The 'driving' seat

  • 'Optimist'


    Looking back from the front of the cabin, you see a seating area and galley, and further back you will find TWO rooms with two bunks in each! Large toilet and shower room behind that.

  • The Galley

    The Galley

    A large and full functioning galley awaits you.

  • The Outside

    The Outside

    There are two areas outside.  Five sturdy and secured on the fly bridge, and a wide bench on the lower level

  • A birds eye view of 'Optimist'

    A birds eye view of 'Optimist'


Sandettie Lightship Observations

2am, 17th September 2023

Water: 66.4 °F (19.1 °C)

Air: 67.1 °F (19.5 °C)

Wind Speed: 9.9 kn (18.3 km/h)

Wind Direction: NNE (30°)

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