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03 Mar 2012CS&PF 2011 Awards

CS&PF 2011 Awards

The 2011 SC&PF awards were presented over dinner on Saturday 3rd March 2012 in the Dover Town Hall.

CS&PF Awards For The Year 2011 

The Eurotunnel Trophy for the fastest CS&PF swim of the yearNick Adams
The Gertrude Ederle Award for the most meritorious CS&PF swim of the year by a womanAmy Baker
The Des Renford Award for the most meritorious CS&PF swim of the year by a manStuart Johnson
The Peter Adams Award for the CS&PF successful endurance swim of the yearWayne Butler
The Frank Richards Endurance AwardSimon Barry
The Audrey Scott Award for the youngest successful CS&PF swimmer of the yearLorcan Rowley
The Ray Scott Award for the oldest successful CS&PF swimmer of the yearRoger Allsopp (70 years 4 months oldest ever)
The Alison Streeter Award for the fastest CS&PF two way swim of the yearElizabeth Fry
The Barrie Darling Award for the CS&PF pilot/crew member of the year.Chris Bryant
The Dover Straits Award for the fastest standard CS&PF relay crossing of the yearBarracudas Shark Bait 1
The longest CS&PF standard relay crossing of the yearEltham Mermaids and the Big Fat Lobster
The CS&PF Observer of the yearMike Ball
The most meritorious CS&PF Special Category relay of the year Cold ComfortCelia Trevan and Chloe Trevan
The Sunny Lowry “Special Thanks” Award for the yearCliff Golding
The JLDSC Award for the most successful CS&PF swim against all oddsPeter Windridge-France
The CS&PF Special Achievement award.Marcella MacDonald

Sandettie Lightship Observations

7pm, 1st August 2018

Water: 64.8 °F (18.2 °C)

Air: 64.4 °F (18 °C)

Wind Speed: 12.0 kn (22.2 km/h)

Wind Direction: WSW (240°)

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The CS&PF Annual Dinner will be on 2nd March 2019. Initial bookings details published with more to follow…

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