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Jim Barber swim on 04 August 2006

NameBarber, Jim
Date04 Aug 2006
No of Ways, Leg, Direction1-way, 1st, E-F
Swim Time, Departure, Arrival09:06:37, 06:10:00, 15:16:37
Ratifying OrganisationCSPF
Swim Crew and Support
Pilot, BoatL. Oram, Sea Satin
CommentTrained with Bryan Boggs as peers; Support crew was Tom Perrin. It was a day we had no choice to swim as we were leaving the next day as our window was at the end and we were both 3rd in the slot positions and the first two slots passed. Oram said it would be a questionable day and we would be the only ones going. It was a day I will never forget as we both were throwing up due to the salt intake. We landed about a ½ mile from each other.

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