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Jean-Paul Madelenat swim on 18 August 2002

NameMadelenat, Jean-Paul
Date18 Aug 2002
No of Ways, Leg, Direction1-way, 1st, E-F
Swim Time, Departure, Arrival14:46:00, 08:30:00, 23:16:00
Ratifying OrganisationCSPF
Swim Crew and Support
Pilot, BoatL. Oram, Sea Satin
ObserverC. Cobbett
TrainerSally Minty-Gravett
CommentGood conditions except 2 hrs of cross W wind(6th to 8th hr) and no particuliar problems(physical,food,seasickness,mind) so I was very lucky but I was well prepared by Sally.Many thanks to her.Over 3 years for the mind to built the project,I did my 6 hrs in Dover August 2001being there for the atmosphere having never swim more than 2 hrs,starting real training in the sea 1st of April every day about and swimming by time (half then 1or 2 hrs) did one test of 9 hrs in a pool in June once 4hrs once 6 hrs in the sea in midJuly,did round Jersey 27/07(11h46) then keep on training not to hard till the 15 of August.I must say I have always be a swimmer and a waterpolo player and compete in Masters since 1988 but in breaststroke.I did all my Channel in front crawl.

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