Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation "Nothing great is easy", Captain Matthew Webb

Stanley Paris swim on 31 August 1986

NameParis, Stanley
NationalityNew Zealand
CountryNew Zealand
Date31 Aug 1986
No of Ways, Leg, Direction1-way, 1st, E-F
Swim Time, Departure, Arrival12:59:00, ,
Ratifying OrganisationCSA
Swim Crew and Support
Pilot, BoatM. Hamblin, Dreadnought
ObserverT. Guest
CommentAt the time of my swim I believe I was the 3rd oldest. I had done a swim three weeks earlier but on the approach the escort boat grounded, I was ordered out of the water and awarded the swim by the Observer. The Committee of CSA later denied it and asked me to appeal. I chose to try again and did succeed.

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