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Rory Fitzgerald swim on 23 September 2013

NameFitzgerald, Rory
Date23 Sep 2013
No of Ways, Leg, Direction1-way, 1st, E-F
Swim Time, Departure, Arrival12:00:00, 02:35:00, 14:35:00
Ratifying OrganisationCSPF
Swim Crew and Support
Pilot, BoatN. Streeter, Suva
ObserverJim Boucher
TrainerKate Steels
CommentI indebted to Freda for her (remote) culinary skills, never before has tea, maxim & diesel been combined to such good effect; Neil for his calmness under pressure as I repeatedly turned away to explore Belgium; Jim for his linguistic skills, I am amazed at his versatile use of the “F” word , and Kate for her aim with the feeding bottle….and Sam of course for her quiet professionalism and piercing shriek when it finally looked like I would actually make it...

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