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CS&PF Swims

This is a current list of successful CS&PF swims since 2000. Please note that some swims may not be listed straight away as it may take couple of days to contact the swim pilot and observer to confirm all details. All times and results are unofficial until ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Solo Swims (67 swims; 66 singles; one quadruple; 70 crossings)

Date Swimmer Pilot/Boat Time Track
29th JuneLauren TininenkoEddie Spelling / Anastasia11:15:00Swim Track
5th JulyBarry MurphyPaul Foreman / Optimist11:52:00Swim Track
5th JulyMarcella MacDonaldMike Oram / Gallivant12:34:00Swim Track
9th JulyHeather MasseyEddie Spelling / Anastasia16:01:00Swim Track
10th JulyRob LeaJason Parrott / Optimist11:49:00Swim Track
10th JulyGuy HarrisEddie Spelling / Anastasia16:39:19Swim Track
10th JulyTom RutterLance Oram / Sea Satin19:46:00Swim Track
12th JulyElaine HendersonPaul Foreman / Optimist15:20:00Swim Track
12th JulyChristopher TretheweyEddie Spelling / Anastasia13:56:00Swim Track
12th JulyBrad McVettaNeil Streeter / Suva16:00:00Swim Track
16th JulyVicki CarterEddie Spelling / Anastasia14:40:00Swim Track
16th JulyMichael JenningsSimon Ellis / High Hopes12:38:00Swim Track
17th JulyNicola MorganMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes15:46:00Swim Track
18th JulyAshleigh SeymourTanya Harding / Gallivant21:08:00Swim Track
23rd JulyHayley BrantMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes18:39:00Swim Track
23rd JulySteve StievenartNeil Streeter / Suva17:11:00Swim Track
23rd JulyNeil BrinkworthJason Parrott / Optimist17:49:00Swim Track
25th JulyNick AdamsPaul Foreman / Optimist12:58:30Swim Track
25th JulyPhilip JacksonSimon Ellis / High Hopes15:15:50Swim Track
2nd AugustJeffrey PinnixMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes14:41:00Swim Track
2nd AugustBarbara HernandezNeil Streeter / Suva12:13:00Swim Track
3rd AugustPaul HarrisLance Oram / Sea Satin12:20:00Swim Track
3rd AugustSteve ChiversEddie Spelling / Anastasia18:51:00Swim Track
3rd AugustTom ChapmanSimon Ellis / High Hopes15:34:00Swim Track
3rd AugustDirk GewertNeil Streeter / Suva15:44:00Swim Track
3rd AugustFergal MaddenMike Oram / Gallivant16:46:00Swim Track
4th AugustHunter CharltonJason Parrott / Optimist14:40:00Swim Track
4th AugustDeirdre NewellNeil Streeter / Suva14:54:00Swim Track
4th AugustChristopher LeekMike Oram / Gallivant15:28:00Swim Track
8th AugustCarol-lynn SwolMike Oram / Gallivant14:50:00Swim Track
8th AugustIan GrimmerPaul Foreman / Optimist13:58:30Swim Track
8th AugustKristopher TwymanLance Oram / Sea Satin14:38:00Swim Track
12th AugustLoren KingMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes12:02:00Swim Track
12th AugustCourtney PaulkEddie Spelling / Anastasia15:11:00Swim Track
21st AugustDiana CorbinNeil Streeter / Suva16:32:00Swim Track
21st AugustEstefania Gomez Counahan Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes13:34:00Swim Track
21st AugustAlexander PopovEddie Spelling / Anastasia13:58:00Swim Track
22nd AugustBhaskar Reddy Paul Foreman / Optimist14:02:00Swim Track
22nd AugustAdrian BrownNeil Streeter / Suva15:37:00Swim Track
23rd AugustGaurvi SinghviPaul Foreman / Optimist13:28:00Swim Track
24th AugustKaren ZemlinMike Oram / Gallivant10:17:00Swim Track
24th AugustAlexander LockNeil Streeter / Suva16:58:00Swim Track
24th AugustAmy MellorEddie Spelling / Anastasia14:19:00Swim Track
24th AugustElizabeth AlmondMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes12:01:00Swim Track
25th AugustWesley NortonMike Oram / Gallivant12:13:00Swim Track
25th AugustMat ElliottNeil Streeter / Suva11:48:00Swim Track
25th AugustTom KnightLance Oram / Sea Satin10:16:00Swim Track
26th AugustDavid DyerPaul Foreman / Optimist11:44:45Swim Track
26th AugustMichael FabraySimon Ellis / High Hopes11:44:00Swim Track
26th AugustAndrew GeorgeNeil Streeter / Suva11:52:00Swim Track
27th AugustJulian CritchlowNeil Streeter / Suva16:10:00Swim Track
27th AugustAlex FordyceMike Oram / Gallivant15:51:00Swim Track
27th AugustCraig SwartEddie Spelling / Anastasia15:21:00Swim Track
28th AugustMicheal TeesMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes19:25:00Swim Track
28th AugustJody JonesPaul Foreman / Optimist18:14:30Swim Track
1st SeptemberLisa DreesensPaul Foreman / Optimist10:19:00Swim Track
2nd SeptemberEduardo CollazosMarilyn Critchley / High Hopes11:16:00Swim Track
9th SeptemberAbigail FairmanPaul Foreman / Optimist12:40:00Swim Track
10th SeptemberTina NobleLance Oram / Sea Satin15:10:00Swim Track
10th SeptemberElaine Burrows-Dillane Paul Foreman / Optimist12:45:00Swim Track
10th SeptemberKaren GallichanEddie Spelling / Anastasia19:44:00Swim Track
16th SeptemberNatalia ChuichLance Oram / Sea Satin13:55:00Swim Track
16th SeptemberCharles Allman-BrownMike Oram / Gallivant17:06:00Swim Track
16th SeptemberKatie NorrisNeil Streeter / Suva15:10:04Swim Track
17th SeptemberSarah ThomasEddie Spelling / Robert Thompson / Anastasia11:26:50
+ 12:40:14
+ 12:58:16
+ 17:04:40
= 54:10:00
Swim Track
19th SeptemberElizabeth Grierson Paul Foreman / Optimist13:03:30Swim Track
3rd OctoberDavid OwenPaul Foreman / Optimist11:28:00Swim Track

Relays (46 swims; 44 singles; 2 doubles; 48 crossings)

Date Relay (no of people) Pilot/Boat Time Track
18th June Krak-Again (3) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:01:00 Swim Track
18th June Channellettes y Hombre 2019 (6) Jason Parrott / Optimist 15:09:00 Swim Track
24th June China Male Crossing (CMC) (4) Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes 14:55:00 Swim Track
24th June Hope for Guernsey (6) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:58:00 Swim Track
3rd July China Women Crossing (CWC) (5) Simon Ellis / High Hopes 19:30:44 Swim Track
3rd July Team Castle and Law (2) Robert Thompson / Anastasia 12:55:00 Swim Track
3rd July Guernsey Jelly Fish Dodgers (3) Paul Foreman / Optimist 15:07:00 Swim Track
5th July Jeanette and Clare (2) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 16:06:00 Swim Track
6th July Portsmouth Tri-ing The Channel... Again (5) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 13:49:00 Swim Track
10th July Tri50 (6) Mike Oram / Gallivant 12:54:25 Swim Track
12th July Challenge 707 (7) Paul Bowen / Sea Satin 14:47:00 Swim Track
16th July Aspire Panthers (5) Paul Foreman / Optimist 13:08:00 Swim Track
17th July Feck It, Sure It'll Be Grand (3) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:35:00 Swim Track
17th July Sharketts 222 (4) Neil Streeter / Suva 16:01:00 Swim Track
22nd July They lied and told me this was a fun, warm swim (4) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:29:00 Swim Track
23rd July Aspire Snow Leopards (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:21:00 Swim Track
23rd July Mighty Mermaids (6) Paul Bowen / Sea Satin 10:36:00 Swim Track
23rd July Les Cinq Doris (5) Tanya Harding / Gallivant 13:20:00 Swim Track
24th July Stroud Lido International (3) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 12:00:00 Swim Track
26th July #WHATEVER (3) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:29:00 Swim Track
2nd August Swim Tayka (5) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 15:06:00 Swim Track
2nd August Two + One (3) Paul Foreman / Optimist 14:42:00 Swim Track
2nd August Aspire Whitbread (6) Mike Oram / Gallivant 15:28:00 Swim Track
2nd August Cosmic Ray 1 (5) Paul Bowen / Sea Satin 17:02:00 Swim Track
12th August Aspire Neptune (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 10:59:00 Swim Track
21st August Aspire Lions (6) Mike Oram / Gallivant 13:59:00 Swim Track
21st August Team 2 Zeer Oude Zwemmers (2) Jason Parrott / Optimist 14:10:00 Swim Track
22nd August Channel Babes (5) Simon Ellis / High Hopes 14:26:00 Swim Track
22nd August Flippin' Mad (4) Mike Oram / Gallivant 14:23:00 Swim Track
25th August Praga 3 (3) Simon Ellis / High Hopes 12:09:00 Swim Track
25th August Splash & Dash (2) Paul Foreman / Optimist 12:03:51 Swim Track
26th August Cosmic Rays 2 (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 12:35:00 Swim Track
27th August St. Paul's Barnes Masters (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 9:24:00
+ 10:08:00
= 19:32:00
Swim Track
9th September Taunton Preparatory School 1 (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 12:38:00 Swim Track
9th September Taunton Preparatory School 2 (6) Mike Oram / Gallivant 12:42:00 Swim Track
9th September Aspire Tigers (6) Eddie Spelling / Anastasia 14:46:00 Swim Track
10th September FUNtastics (6) Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes 12:59:00 Swim Track
10th September Aspire Cheetahs (6) Neil Streeter / Suva 13:11:00 Swim Track
15th September LAA in the Channel 2 (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 14:16:14 Swim Track
15th September LAA in the Channel 1 (6) Mike Oram / Gallivant 13:34:00 Swim Track
15th September Sirius (3) Paul Foreman / Optimist 11:59:00 Swim Track
15th September The Lion, another Witch, and the same old Dryrobe (3) Neil Streeter / Suva 14:34:00
+ 17:43:00
= 32:07:00
Swim Track
16th September Trouble (3) Jason Parrott / Optimist 12:21:00 Swim Track
17th September Trinity School (6) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 16:48:00 Swim Track
3rd October Team Vigour (4) Marilyn Critchley / High Hopes 16:14:00 Swim Track
3rd October The 4 Cs (4) Lance Oram / Sea Satin 14:49:00 Swim Track