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CS&PF Fees 

All fees are paid in £ sterling. All payments by cheque or draft should be made out to "CS&PF" or Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation. All fees come into effect on 1 January 2015. Please note that CS&PF registration and swim fees are a separate item to your pilot fees.

CS&PF Fees

2015 Administration Fees, payable with all swim applications

Administration fees cover the costs of running CS&PF office and general CS&PF expenses.

Applications submitted to the Hon. Secretary before the deadline of 30 April will be charged a discounted administration fee of:

Solo  --  £130
Relay -- £160

Applications received, by the Hon. Secretary after 30 April will be deemed to have exceeded the time allowed for postage and will be charged a full fee of:

Solo --  £160
Relay --  £200

2015 Swim Fees, payable with all swim applications

Swim fees cover the cost of observer expenses and CS&PF Observer liaison officer. 

Code B ------- 1-way attempt    £120.00
Code C ------- 2-way attempt    £240.00
Code D ------- 3-way attempt    £300.00

Code E ------- 1-way attempt     £120.00
Code F -------  2-way attempt    £240.00
Code G ------- 3-way attempt    £300.00

Swims/ crossings greater than 3-way, or for other swim courses not by the "direct route" are to be determined by the General Committee on their merits and the duties of the observer. Fees for extraordinary swims not covered above to be by negotiation.

Summary of Registration and Swim Fees:

The 2015 CS&PF administration and swim fees for a 1-way SOLO swim are:

Administration: £130 (£160 if posted after 30 April 2015) plus
Swim Fee: £120 plus
Membership of your choice. (Individual membership is £20 for two years. See below.)

Total fees for 2015: £270 (£290 if posted after 30 April 2015), including a standard two-year full membership.

The 2015 CS&PF administration and swim fees for a 1-way, 6-person RELAY swim are:

Administration: £160 (£200 if posted after 30 April 2015) plus
Swim Fee: £120 plus
Membership of your choice. 6 x £20 = £120. (Individual membership is £20 for two years. See below.)

Total fees for 2015: £400, (£440 if posted after 30 April 2015). The exact total depends on the number of swimmers in a relay.

N.B. - An administration fee of £20 will be charged for each additional or alternative team member registered after 30 April 2015. 

Membership options:
All membership will run from 1st January to the 31st December for a 2 year period. New membership will run from the acceptance date of membership to 31st December of the second year.

Individual Memberships:
Full biennial membership from 1st January 2015 - £20.00

Couples Memberships:
Joint biennial membership, from 1st January 2015 - £30.00

Family Memberships (Children up to 16 years, one vote per family will be allowed):
Family biennial membership from 1st January 2015 = £30.00

Pilot/Boat Fees

Pilot or Boat Fees are payable directly to the swim pilots and CS&PF is not involved in their level, due dates or other conditions. The figures and conditions provided here are for illustration only and will vary between the pilots. All solo swimmers and relay swims will have a separate contract with the boat pilot where these fees and payment dates will be clearly listed.

Boat Fees: All fees are paid in £ sterling. To secure a pilot/escort boat, you will sign the contract the pilot provides, plus provide a reservation fee or deposit, depending on when you book.

Reservation fee: Bookings made more than 12 months in advance of the season will require a non-refundable £250 reservation fee. This is credited as part of your deposit, but must be paid when you confirm you want to have a position reserved. These fees are between you and the pilot. They are not controlled by the CS&PF in any way.

Deposit: usually £1000. If you have paid £250 through your reservation fee, you will owe a £750 balance. This balance is due to the date your pilot has specified, typically before the end of the year preceding the swim (31 December).

Typical Escort fees (vary between pilots):
£2550 for a 1-way crossing. (£1000 deposit + £1550 balance before swim)
£4750 for a 2-way crossing. (£2000 deposit + £2750 balance before swim) 

Multiple swim crossings of more than 2-way are by quotation from the pilot. Please note that all pilots will charge an additional fee of between £100 & £300 if the swim needs to go into Calais when it finishes.

The pilot's swim fee balance can be paid at any time but it must be settled in full before the start of the swim. Please confirm the exact fees and pilots contract content before you commit to any booking as the contracts are legally binding documents.

Payments to the pilots can be bank transfers, Sterling cheques, International money orders or cash. Some pilots accept Debit or Credit cards but a 3% transaction fee may be added. Arrangements to pay the escort fee balance must be agreed before the swim date and provide enough time for bank clearance & confirmation.

Pilot/escort fees and CS&PF registration fees for other types of permitted crossing such as rows are by quotation.


Sandettie Lightship Observations

1am, 8th February 2016

Water: 49.3 °F (9.6 °C)

Air: 49.1 °F (9.5 °C)

Wind Speed: 44.1 kn (81.7 km/h)

Wind Direction: SSW (200°)

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