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12 Jul 2015Water in Dover is getting HOT HOT HOT

Water in Dover is getting HOT HOT HOT

One week left to get your Assessment Swims done in Dover Harbour

The water in the Channel, and in Dover Harbour, is getting warmer each week.  The weekend of the 18th/19th July 2015 is the final weekend of 2015 when the CS&PF will accept Assessment Swim Forms for 2-hour or 6-hour swims that are completed in Dover Harbour.

Naturally the water will cool down after the summer, and we will then publish a notice saying we will start accepting Assessment Swim Forms from Dover Harbour swims again.

Sandettie Lightship Observations

11am, 17th December 2017

Water: 48.7 °F (9.3 °C)

Air: 32.0 °F (0 °C)

Wind Speed: 8.0 kn (14.8 km/h)

Wind Direction: SW (230°)

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