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17 Jan 20152015 Solo and Relay swim application forms

2015 Solo and Relay swim application forms

2015 Solo and Relay forms have been sent out by the CS&PF office

To all 2015 CS&PF solo and relay swimmers:

All solo swimmers and team captains should now have their 2015 swim registration forms.
Anybody who hasn't had them should check with their pilot that they have a confirmed booking and then contact the CS&PF secretary (

As a reminder, here are the instructions on how to complete these forms:

Before you start to do the paperwork please read the CS&PF rules and the web site information.
Please remember that the agreement for your escort boat is between you and your pilot: the CS&PF are not involved in any way. The pilots are self employed. Their businesses are not under any form of financial restrictions or control from within the CS&PF.
SWIM & CS&PF paperwork
1.Book your medical examination as soon as possible within the calendar year of your swim - there are often long delays in getting appointments.
2. Fill in your CS&PF application form and return it as soon as possible with your correct fees.
It must be with the CS&PF before 30 April 2015. Relay teams should register sufficient swimmers to cover as reserves if any other members of the team drop-out. Forms scanned and sent as email PDF attachments are acceptable as long as they are legible
3.Read through and check the application form before you post it to make sure that you have filled it in correctly and ensure that it is signed where required.
4.If paying by credit or debit card you may need to tell your card company or bank that you are making the payment. We will need the long number on the front of your credit or debit card and the address to which it is registered.
You will also need to confirm your card's expiry date and security number before we can debit your card account. For added security you can send, post or text this information separately from your main card details.
6 Please return your completed medical(s) with the application. Check it thoroughly before you leave the doctors surgery --- 50% of CS&PF medicals have signatures or information missing. Please ensure that the doctor has included your name and ticked the Fit or Unfit box.
7. We have to process your application so that the CS&PF office can register all the swims  with the British and French maritime authorities before the start of the season. If it is not registered you will not be able to make the attempt.
8.Remember we cannot deal with everybody at once and then respond instantly. Please make the effort to do things as early as possible.
9.Tell your pilot and the CS&PF as soon as possible if there are any changes or problems.
10.Relay Team leaders are responsible for sorting out their team's paperwork and submitting confirmation of their team's two hour swims. The paperwork should be submitted in one batch.
11. All six hour assessment swims for solo swimmers or two hours for relay swimmers must be completed in a water temperature of 16c/61f or less. They must be observed and ratified in writing. The swimmer must also sign to show that they have completed the assessment swim. Assessment forms with the initial pack and are also downloadable from our website (click on resources then click on documents). These forms must be with the CS&PF office at least 14 days before your Channel attempt and no later than July 31.

12.The assessment swim can be completed in fresh or salt water and observed by your trainer, coach or other named and identifiable person. The document must state when and where it took place and the water temperature. For relay swims this information needs to be collected and held by the team leader until everyone in the team has completed their two hour assessment swims. The team manager/captain should then submit details and advise the office when all the team members are ready to go. We cannot deal with random bits of paper from random swimmers who sometimes do not even know the name of the relay team of which they are a member.

13. There are accepted swims that will exempt solo swimmers from the above six hour or two hour assessments but we need proof that they have been completed. These are swims such as - Around Jersey - Manhattan - Catalina Channel, Santa Barbara Channel etc. There are also training programmes in Dover Harbour, Jersey and Cork or with Swimtrek or SwimQuest and other such organisations which provide the opportunity to complete six or two hour asessment swims. In such cases the swimmer should submit a copy of their certificate along with a completed assessment form. The swimmer should sign that assessment form but there is no need for it to be signed by an observer.

14. Six hour assessment swims for solo swimmers must have been completed within 30 months of the Channel attempt. Two hour assessment swims for relay swimmers must have been completed within 18 months of the Channel relay attempt.

15. The CS&PF will register athletes who wear wetsuits, or other such swimming aids, with the maritime authorities but these crossings are outside the swim rules and will not be observed or recorded by the CS&PF. No crossing fee (£120 for one way, £240 for two-way).is required from those who wear wetsuits

16. We have a large number of relay teams applying to swim every year.You might well know your team name but we often have no idea which team you are in or are referring to. A team name and the team leaders contact details are essential with all enquiries/information. Please do not change the team name after you have registered.


Kevin Murphy
(CS&PF Sec.)

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