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04 Jun 2014Cheque to the RNLI founds its home

Cheque to the RNLI founds its home

The GIANT cheque in the photos at the RNLI presentation makes it to the bank.

Banks dish out lovely small cheque books that fit into one's brest pockets to their clients.  The monster cheque presented to the RNLI in Dover was not one of these, and one always worries the money will find it's way to the worthy recipients!

Delightfully the donation from you swimmers and the CS&PF made its way into the account of the Dover branch of the RNLI.

Sandettie Lightship Observations

6pm, 20th March 2018

Water: 44.1 °F (6.7 °C)

Air: 32.0 °F (0 °C)

Wind Speed: 15.9 kn (29.4 km/h)

Wind Direction: N (10°)

Channel Weather 

Information on CS&PF rules changes agreed at AGM, including change to solo assessment swim timeline

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