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20 Jul 2013Barrie 'The Beach Stomper' turns 70

Barrie 'The Beach Stomper' turns 70

A suprise party was held for Barrie 'The Beach Stomper' Wakeham in the White Horse pub by the swimmers

Altruism: al·tru·ism,
noun; The principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others (opposed to egoism).

There is no better example of true altruism that Barrie 'The Beach Stomper'!

Barrie Wakeham has selflessly helped generations of swimmers on the shingle of Dover Harbour beach for some fifteen years.  He has been a constant in the lives of the swimmers every Saturday and Sunday in the Summer. 

He greases, throws crocs, feeds, protects, welcomes, encourages, supports, chides, but most importantly, loves the aspiring Channel Swimmers in his charge.

His 70th birthday was a chance for the swimmers to give back to him in a very small way, with a surprise party held in the White Horse pub and some nice prezzies.

Special thanks must go to Tori Thorpe and Deirdre Ward for compiling the most beautiful PhotoBook for Barrie, with tear-wrenching messages and photos from swimmers around the world whos lives he's touched.  They also assembled a host of other fabulous prezzies.

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