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01 May 20132013 Dover Harbour training starts on Saturday 4th May

2013 Dover Harbour training starts on Saturday 4th May

The 'Dover Beach Team' have announced the arrangements for the start of Dover Harbour training for 2013. 

Dover Harbour sessions will start on Saturday 4th May: please read the message below from the Dover beach crew. Whether you're planning to train at Dover or not, see our Training guidance under the "Swim" section of the site.

Message from Michelle Toptalo:

Good afternoon,

Please find attached the form for Dover training this season. Please printout out this form, fill it in, and bring it along with a photo on your first visit. Please read the following carefully:

Dover training will be every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday from 4th May to the end of September.

Given the cold weather that we have been experiencing we are asking that only those relay teams swimming in June attend for the first two weekends. There will be plenty of time for those swimming later in the season to get cold after that.


Solo swimmers will need to bring a RED swimming hat and be on the beach and ready to swim at 9am. 
For solo / long distance swimmers it will be £30 for the season.

Relay swimmers will need to bring a YELLOW swimming hat and be on the beach and ready to swim at 10am.
For relay / shorter course swimmers it will be £5 for the season.

Please be aware that the beach crew are volunteers. While guidance is given this is not formal training, it is not affiliated to any other organisation and no safety cover is provided. SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This is not a profit making organisation, your payment will be solely used for swimmer supplies and out of pocket expenses such as parking permits for the beach crew.

Everyone is welcome but if you have chosen to join us in Dover please respect a few simple guidelines that will help us to help you:

  • Be on time. It is hard to keep track of swimmers, this becomes almost impossible if people start to arrive at differing times.
  • Check yourself in and out of each swim. We do not want helicopters out looking for a swimmer who actually tucked up in a cosy café having their lunch!
  • Keep swimming. The beach crew do not volunteer for you to have a nice chat with your mates while getting wet, and if you are not moving, you are getting colder.

Really looking forward to seeing you all and let's hope the sun shines for the 2013 season.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Best wishes


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