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08 Aug 2012Fog dashes dreams in the English Channel

Fog dashes dreams in the English Channel

Three Channel swims aborted a few hundred metres from France!

The nightmare scenario happened on Wednesday.  As three swimmers approached their chosen landing spots in France, a thick fog descended, which made landing impossible.  Lucinda, Fionnuala and Colm had their dreams smashed a few hundred metres from shore!! There was no doubt that they'd have made it had the fog not shown up; we all feel for them.

Wednesday 8th August
Catherine Sheridan - Solo - Unsuccessful
Lucinda Bayliss - Solo - Unsuccessful [Fog]
Fionnuala Walsh - Solo - Unsuccessful  [Fog]
Colm Breathnach - Solo - Unsuccessful [Fog] 
Sam Simon - Solo - Successful in 13:56
Dori Miller - Solo - Successful in 11:45

Both Sam and Dori were attempting 2-way crossings, and made valliant attempts.

As usual, all times and results are unofficial until officially ratified by the CS&PF Committee.

Sandettie Lightship Observations

7pm, 1st August 2018

Water: 64.8 °F (18.2 °C)

Air: 64.4 °F (18 °C)

Wind Speed: 12.0 kn (22.2 km/h)

Wind Direction: WSW (240°)

Channel Weather 

Good luck to Rebecca Wilson who started at 03:37 from Samphire Hoe and is swimming with Sea Satin piloted by Lance…

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