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08 Jul 2012Warwick School complete a 2-way relay

Warwick School complete a 2-way relay

A fantastic achievement for a team of school children.

The above photo might look like the worst photo to use, but when you understand what it is, you'll understand it's significance.

The Warwick School relay team completed their 2-way Channel swim in 25 hours and 37 minutes (13:09 + 12:28).  An amazing achievement.

The photo is of them approaching the western entrance of Dover Harbour at 5.3 knots in the dark, due to the strong tide.

Well done to Lance and his crew.

Sandettie Lightship Observations

7am, 22nd June 2018

Water: 57.9 °F (14.4 °C)

Air: 56.7 °F (13.7 °C)

Wind Speed: 17.1 kn (31.7 km/h)

Wind Direction: NW (320°)

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