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07 Mar 2021Award winners for the 2020 season

2020 was a season like no other. Many plans were put on hold and even those who had the opportunity to attempt their swim had to overcame many unexpected hurdles.

Every Channel swim is a fantastic achievement for the swimmer and those who supported them through their adventure and the CS&PF congratulate every solo swimmer and relay team member of 2020.

The CS&PF annual dinner usually culminates in an award ceremony and while we cannot celebrate and present the awards in person, we want to honour the achievements of the 2020 season.

~ Congratulation to all of the CS&PF Season of 2020 award winners ~ 

Eurotunnel Trophy, Fastest CS&PF swim of the year 2020

Andrea Oriana (Italy) 10hrs 19min


Gertrude Ederle Award, 2020 Most Meritorious CS&PF swim of the year by a woman

Sarah Poll (UK) 16hrs 00mins


Des Renford Award, 2020 Most meritorious CS&PF swim of the year by a man

Nik Haynes (UK) 12hrs 52mins 41secs


The Peter Adams Award For the CS&PF successful endurance swim of the year

Peter Green (UK) 22hrs 40mins

Frank Richards Endurance Swim Trophy, 2020 For the CS&PF most meritorious yet unsuccessful swim of the year

Nerys Pearce (UK) 


Audrey Scott Trophy, 2020 Youngest successful CS&PF Swimmer

Dylan Dejahang (UK)16years 9months

The Ray Scott Award, 2020 Oldest successful CS&PF Swimmer

Clive Woodcook (UK) 66 years

Alison Streeter Trophy, 2020 Fastest CS&PF 2-way Channel Swim

Stève Stievenart (France) 34hrs 45mins 


The Barrie Darling Award for the 2020 CS&PF Pilot/Crew member of the year

The Pilots of High Hopes , Simon Ellis and Marilyn Critchley (UK)


Dover Straits Award, 2020 Fastest CS&PF standard relay for the year 2020

Aspire Orca Pod (UK) 11hrs 04mins,

Team members names: Jacob Roberts, Timothy Grimes, Jason Quiterio, Dominic Flavell, Martyn Luders, Martyn Roberts


Longest Standard CS&PF Relay for the year 2020

South London Allsorts (UK) 18hrs 40mins 41secs.

Team members names: Susan Rentoul, Tauni Lanier, Helen Needham, Clare McRobbie, Ann Brimelow, Charlotte Simon


CS&PF 2020 Observer of the Year

Lesley Quiney


The most meritorious CS&PF special category relay swim for the year 2020

Big Ricks Chicks Medley Relay (UK/AUS) 12hrs 17mins 25secs 

Team members names: Melanie Holland, Claire Thorn, Lucy Lloyd-Roach, Sarah Hempenstall


CS&PF Sunny Lowry Special Thanks Award for the year 2020

Stève Stievenart and Frédérique Vandrepote (France)

The JLDSC "For Special Recognition" Award and Cup for the most successful CS&PF swim completed under exceptional circumstance

Lucy Ashdown-Parkes (UK) 14hrs 20mins

The CS&PF secretary will be in touch will all award winners shortly.

The list of winners and the awards can be found here

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Water: 55.4 °F (13 °C)

Air: 55.6 °F (13.1 °C)

Wind Speed: 15.0 kn (27.8 km/h)

Wind Direction: SW (220°)

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