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08 Feb 2021CS&PF AGM 2021 Update

The CS&PF Annual General Meeting is usually held in early March.

Your CS&PF Committee has decided to suspend our standing orders/ bye-laws for a roll on year to the 1st January 2022.

This is in response to the current Covid medical emergency. This decision is allowed under the rules of management for the good of the Federation.

Practically, this means that all committee and officer positions remain as they are. Those who would have been up for re-election in 2021 will be up for re-election in 2022. 

Sandettie Lightship Observations

8pm, 18th January 2022

Water: 48.9 °F (9.4 °C)

Air: 45.9 °F (7.7 °C)

Wind Speed: 7.0 kn (13.0 km/h)

Wind Direction: SE (130°)

Channel Weather 

Details of the CS&PF AGM for the year ended 31st December 2021 are now available. The AGM…

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