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27 May 2012Qualifying Swims

Qualifying Swims

Some qualifying swims completed in Dover Harbour

For those swimming the Channel with the CS&PF in 2012, your qualifying swims need to be done more than 2 weeks before your Channel swim.

Qualifying swims need to be completed in water 16C or less, in the same swimming attire that you will be using for your Channel swim.  Relay swimmers need to complete a 2-hour swim, and solo swimmers a 6-hour swim.

Once you have completed your qualifying swim, post evidence of this to the Hon. Secretary, Kevin Murphy.

Swimmers have already started doing their qualifying swims in Dover Harbour.

Sandettie Lightship Observations

1am, 22nd March 2018

Water: 44.2 °F (6.8 °C)

Air: 32.0 °F (0 °C)

Wind Speed: 19.0 kn (35.2 km/h)

Wind Direction: W (270°)

Channel Weather 

Information on CS&PF rules changes agreed at AGM, including change to solo assessment swim timeline

2 weeks ago