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20 Jan 2020CS&PF Annual Dinner is Sold Out!

Tickets for the annual dinner are now now SOLD OUT!!

We will be creating a reserve list and contact people in order as tickets become available.

Understandably circumstances can change. Full refunds can be offered until the 21st February.

After that date we will only be able to refund tickets if we have been able to sell them on.

Thank you

Sandettie Lightship Observations

5pm, 21st April 2021

Water: 46.8 °F (8.2 °C)

Air: 46.0 °F (7.8 °C)

Wind Speed: 19.0 kn (35.2 km/h)

Wind Direction: NNE (20°)

Channel Weather 

Our 2020 season award winners have been sharing some lovely photos with their awards. Congratulations to you all!

4 weeks ago