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01 Jan 2020CS&PF Annual Dinner Tickets

CS&PF Annual Dinner Tickets

Tickets for the annual dinner are now on sale for those parties that include:

  • A 2019 season swimmer
  • A Pilot
  • A Committee Member

Tickets for everyone else will be available from the 10th of January.

In order to book tickets please email me at including all the following details:

  • Full names of everyone in the party. If you wish to sit together please book together, arranging for one payment for the group.
  • Tickets are £35 each.
  • Dietary requirements. This is essential as there is no scope for making last minute adjustments.
  • Details of any 2019 channel swims. Please provide a short paragraph about any solo swim, and please highlight the names of all swimmers in a relay team.
  • Where you are travelling from if you are outside of the UK.

Once I have all of that information I will provide you with details for payment by bank transfer.

Please use the lead name as your banking reference and do not attempt to make payment until I have received all your information and I have given you the relevant banking details.

Understandably circumstances can change so if you do need to amend your booking please let me know at the earliest opportunity.

Full refunds can be offered until the 21 st February. After that date I will only be able to refund tickets if I have been able to sell them on.

If we sell out I will create a reserve list and contact people in order as tickets become available.

Happy New Year

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