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30 May 2019Application & medical deadline is past

All applications and medical forms should be submitted by now

To all solo swimmers and relay team captains:

The deadline for your swim applications was April 30th. Acceptance of any applications received after this date is at the discretion of CS&PF office and will incur additional charges. Please complete the online form using the link in the email sent to you by the CS&PF Office if you have not already done so.

If you cannot find your invitation email, please contact the CS&PF Office ( and we will send you another one.

All Assessment Swim Forms must be received by the CS&PF office by no later than 14 days before your Channel attempt tide start or July 31st, whichever is earliest. 

Thank you!

CS&PF Office

Sandettie Lightship Observations

6pm, 22nd February 2021

Water: 46.2 °F (7.9 °C)

Air: 49.3 °F (9.6 °C)

Wind Speed: 11.1 kn (20.6 km/h)

Wind Direction: S (180°)

Channel Weather 

The CS&PF Annual General Meeting is usually held in early March. Due to the current COVID situation, your CS&PF Co…

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