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02 Dec 2018CS&PF Signing Books

CS&PF Signing Books

The CS&PF Signing Books are now at 'Les Fleurs pub in Dover

Jeff Flowers, the landlord of 'Les Fleurs' Pub in Dover is kindly holding The CS&PF English Channel Relay signing books

Jeff is happy for the tradition of Solo Channel Swimmers signing the wall and relay swimmers to sign the book to continue.

Les Fleurs is located right in the centre of Dover, over the road from Dover Town Hall.

Sandettie Lightship Observations

10am, 22nd January 2020

Water: 48.7 °F (9.3 °C)

Air: 43.9 °F (6.6 °C)

Wind Speed: 11.1 kn (20.6 km/h)

Wind Direction: N (10°)

Channel Weather 

Notice of CS&PF AGM for the year ended 31st December 2019 to be held at Dover Town Hall at 2pm on the 7th March 2020

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