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04 Mar 2016AWESOME raffle prizes tomorrow evening

AWESOME raffle prizes tomorrow evening

Check out all the amazing prizes to be won at the dinner tomorrow evening.

Two swimmers from the 'Class of 2015', Jessica Hepburn and Volker Koch, have been busy gratefully receiving prizes from numerous generous people.  In the photo below you'll see what you could win.

Tickets are £2 each, and availible only with cash on the night.

Sandettie Lightship Observations

6am, 20th August 2017

Water: 64.0 °F (17.8 °C)

Air: 32.0 °F (0 °C)

Wind Speed: 15.0 kn (27.8 km/h)

Wind Direction: WNW (290°)

Channel Weather 

Unofficial success on 16 August: 1-way relay Crewsing, time 14:10, pilot Lance Oram.

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