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05 Dec 20152016 Application Forms

2016 Application Forms

Application forms for 2016 swims are now available for previews.

A reminder to all our 2016 swimmers keen to start applying for next summer's swims: CS&PF Office will start sending Solo and Relay Application forms from mid-January 2016 when bookings have been confirmed with our pilots.

However you can already preview the forms available to download from the Documents page. Please note:

  • Solo and Relay Forms available on this page are just samples: please do not send these to the CS&PF Office, they will be rejected. Please wait for the official email/notification from the CS&PF office that your swim booking has been confirmed with the pilot.
  • If you have already completed a swim satisfying our assessment swim criteria, you can download and complete the Assessment Swim Form. However do not send it to the CS&PF Office yet, it will only be accepted with a valid Solo or Relay form (or once your swim form has been processed).
  • If you have a booked appointment with your doctor / physician / GP, you can download and print the Medical Assessment Form. However this form will be valid for 2016 swims only if completed after 1st January and if it is sent with a valid Solo or Relay Application form .

Please read the notes at the beginning of each form, they clearly state when and how the forms should be completed and sent to the CS&PF Office.

We hope everyone is enjoying their training and looking forward to the 2016 swim season.

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Sandettie Lightship Observations

9pm, 22nd March 2017

Water: 48.7 °F (9.3 °C)

Air: 44.2 °F (6.8 °C)

Wind Speed: 5.1 kn (9.4 km/h)

Wind Direction: ENE (70°)

Channel Weather 

£1,435 raised for the RNLI at the CS&PF dinner. To be matched by Federation. Thank you generous swimmers.

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