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07 Jan 20122011 Swim List Published

2011 Swim List Published

All the CS&PF swims of 2011 are published.

Solo 2-Way E-F-E

19-20/8/11Elizabeth Fry (52) USA(13h20m30s + 11h20m40s) 24hrs 41mins 10secsM. Oram
20-21/8/11Stuart Johnson (40) AUS(13h 28m +12h 22m) 25hrs 50minsE. Spelling

Solo 1-Way E-F

26/6/2011Marcella MacDonald (47) USA10hrs 34mins 34secsM.Oram
10/7/2011Graeme Lowe UK (Jersey)13hrs 35minsL.Oram
11/7/2011AbhejaliBernadova(34) CZECH14hrs 37mins 42secsC.Osmond
20/7/2011Craig Chapman (47) AUS11hrs 43minsL.Oram
20/7/2011Andrew Keegan (34) AUS11hrs 38mins 45secsP.Foreman
20/7/2011Andrew Vidler(43) AUS14hrs 40minsC.Osmond
23/7/2011Scott Stanley (38)GB13hrs 45minsL.Oram
25/7/2011Nick Adams (34)GB10hrs 22minsN.Streeter
26/7/2011Mark Preston (44) GB10hrs 49minsE.Spelling
26/7/2011Boris Mavra(41) GB11hrs 59mins 5secsM.Oram
26/7/2011Marcel van der Togt NL14hrs 00minsL.Oram
26/7/2011Grace Devlin (25) GB16hrs 27minsP.Foreman
26/7/2011Hannah Noble (28) GB18hrs 24minsN.Streeter
27/7/2011Milko van Gool(45) NL10hrs 29mins 5secsP.Foreman
27/7/2011David Granger GB(Wales)15hrs 3minsL.Oram
28/7/2011Gerard Meenan IRL12hrs 57mins 11secsC.Osmond
28/7/2011Stuart Branch (41) GB13hrs 57minsN.Streeter
3/8/2011Christopher Willis (39)GB13hrs 33minsC.Osmond
5/8/2011Mackenzie Bradley (20) USA13hrs 5minsL.Oram
5/8/2011Emma Reim(20) USA14hrs 29minsM.Oram
12/8/2011Mariel Hawley Davila (42) MEX14hrs 33minsM.Oram
12/8/2011Simon Holliday (33) GB15hrs 2mins 15secsP.Foreman
15/8/2011Susanna Murphy (28) IRL11hrs 38minsM.Oram
15/8/2011Lorcan Rowley (17) IRL13hrs 5minsE. Spelling
15/8/2011Michael Ventre GB15hrs 18minsL.Oram
19/8/2011Miyuki Fujita (45) JAP18hrs 14minsN.Streeter
20/8/2011Roger Finch (53) RSA12hrs 39minsC. Osmond
21/8/2011Douglas McConnell (53) USA14hrs 18minsL.Oram
30/8/2011James Boucher (50) N.IRL16hrs 51minsL Oram
30/8/2011Roger AllsoppGB (Guernsey)17hrs 51minsN.Streeter
3/9/2011Jack Coombs (24) GB13hrs 46minsP.Foreman
3/9/2011Stefan Ivanov (29) BUL14hrs 2minsM.Oram
15/9/2011Sorcha Barry (29) IRL12hrs 2minsN.Streeter
15-16/9/11Gerard Carty (42) IRL18hrs 52minsL. Oram
15/9/2011Wayne Butler (40) IRL23hrs 22minsE.Spelling
22/9/2011James Neitz (43) USA15hrs 2minsL.Oram
23/9/2011Fergal Somerville (48) IRL12hrs 40minsE.Spelling
23/9/2011Brad McVetta(38) USA14hrs 56minsC.Osmond
23/9/2011Amy Baker (31) GB18hrs 35minsL.Oram
24/9/2011Peter Windridge-France(38) GB17hrs 55minsL.Oram
25/9/2011Bryan Tate (35) ZIM19hrs 28minsE.Spelling
2/10/2011Marcella MacDonald (47) USA11hrs 51minsL.Oram

2-Way Standard 6-Person Relay E-F-E

24/7/11Need for Speed24hrs 4mins 40secsM.Oram

Standard 6-Person Relays E-F

20/6/2011Serpentine RNLI Charity Relay UK/USA12hrs 36mins 6secsE.Spelling
29/6/2011Alcatraz Repeat Offenders USA/UK12hrs 46minsN.Streeter
30/6/2011Worth School 2011 UK (ages 16-18)16hrs 20minsN.Streeter
2/7/2011Auckland Grammar School NZ (jnr/sen)10hrs 5mins 54secsM.Oram
2/7/2011Bobcats Swim Squad UK10hrs 59mins 13secsE.Spelling
2/7/2011Wellington College UK (jnr/sen)11hrs 14minsL.Oram
3/7/2011Vertically Channelled UK13hrs 57mins 39secsE.Spelling
4/7/2011Seagals& Buoys UK14hrs 32mins 1secE.Spelling
20/7/2011Warrington Dolphins UK13hrs 43minsN.Streeter
21/7/2011Animas UK/POL13hrs 26minsE.Spelling
21/7/2011Erith & District Swimming Club UK14hrs 43mins 50secsP.Foreman
21/7/2011Matt Brooker SOS15hrs 21minsL.Oram
25/7/2011Eton 2011 UK (junior/senior relay)10hrs 18minsE.Spelling
27/7/2011Barracudas Shark Bait 1 AUS (junior)9hrs 15minsE.Spelling
28/7/2011Barracudas Shark Bait 2 AUS (junior)10hrs 24minsE.Spelling
6/8/2011Aspire Sharks UK13hrs 35minsC.Osmond
6/8/2011Over From Dover UK (ENG/N.IRL) & AUS13hrs 52minsN.Streeter
12/8/2011FoireannSnamh Garibaldi USA/IRL13hrs 52minsE.Spelling
20/8/2011Dover Life Guards UK (jnr/sen)11hrs 39minsL.Oram
20/8/2011RothwellDolphins UK14hrs 48minsN.Streeter
2/9/2011Pancrequatics UK14hrs 11minsL.Oram
15/9/2011Channel Team Wassenaar NL12hrs 4minsM.Oram
22/9/2011Army Foundation College UK/SA13hrs 55minsM.Oram
22/9/2011Aspire SRLV UK/SOUTH AFRICAN14hrs 13minsE.Spelling
25/9/2011Rhodes Women SA/NZ/AUS/USA12hrs 59minsM.Oram
30/9/2011Ferry Dodgers UK/N.IRL/ITAL14hrs 57minsN.Streeter
15/10/2011Eltham Mermaids & the Big Fat Lobster UK18hrs 35 minsL.Oram
The Guns of NavaroneL.Oram

Special Category 2-Person Relay E-F

1/7/2011Mermaids IRL13hrs 53minsE.Spelling
1/7/2011Team Mac AUS14hrs 37minsN.Streeter
12/8/2011Ocean Swimmers AUS10hrs 49minsL.Oram
12/8/2011Goat &Hen UK14hrs 29minsN.Streeter
24/9/2011Cold Comfort UK (age 16 & 19)16hrs 4minsN.Streeter

Special Category 3-Person Relay E-F

27/6/2011The Cake Pigeons UK12hrs 54mins15secsN.Streeter
15/9/2011The Patriots USA/UK (all aged 17)9hrs39mins30secsP.Foreman

Special Category 4-Person Relay E-F

10/7/2011Team Mace UK12hrs 44minsM.Oram
11/7/2011Fatboy Swim UK16hrs 3minsE.Spelling
15/8/2011Croydon Amphibians UK11hrs37mins15secsP.Foreman
21/7/2011Minnesota Mix & Match USA12hrs 10minsC.Osmond
30/8/2011The Channel Chubs UK14hrs 20minsC.Osmond

Special Category 5-Person Relay E-F

10/7/2011Big Poppy Splash UK14hrs1min10secsE.Spelling
20/7/2011Newcastle University UK12hrs 42minsE.Spelling
20/7/2011The Odd Bods UK14hrs 51minsM.Oram
6/8/2011Harolds Revenge H&B RFC UK15hrs 20minsE.Spelling
9/9/2011Sean’s Swim Club UK15hrs 38minsM.Oram
22/9/2011Ferry Fodder UK/AUS13hrs 58minsP.Foreman

Special Category 7-Person Relay E-F

30/8/2011Team Nicola UK17hrs 17minsP.Foreman

Successful Swims

Total number of successful solos and relays: 92
2 two-way solos
42 one-way solos
1 two-way 6-person relay
28 one-way standard 6-person relays
5 one-way special category 2-person relays
2 one-way special category 3-person relays
5 one-way special category 4-person relays
6 one-way special category 5-person relays
1 one-way special 7-person relay

Unsuccessful Swims

Total number of unsuccessful solos and relays: 39
2 Solo 2-ways
25 Solo 1-ways
9 Standard 6-person relays
1 Special category 3-person relay
2 Special category 5-person relay

Sandettie Lightship Observations

11am, 19th January 2021

Water: 48.2 °F (9 °C)

Air: 48.9 °F (9.4 °C)

Wind Speed: 35.0 kn (64.8 km/h)

Wind Direction: WSW (250°)

Channel Weather 

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